‘Tick Tick Tick!’ Comey’s Longtime Friend Just Posted This Seriously OMINOUS Tweet

The dates just don’t add up for Comey’s claims of his leaking after the fact. James Comey has outed himself in various ways recently and many of those can be proven via the very social media that Trump utilizes daily. Well, played Mr. President.

Comey is a and always has been a leaker and we can almost guarantee that many of the issues arising even before the election was won by Trump were in fact due to leaks by Comey. The left wants to claim Russian collusion when in reality it is Comey collusion and it is all on the Democratic side!

According to Young Conservatives:

After former FBI Director James Comey last testified before Congress, before the House Intelligence Committee, it became very clear that he was quite manipulative.  Indeed, he basically admitted that, saying that he had leaked memos of his conversations with President Donald Trump in order to obtain a special counsel, which in fact he managed to achieve.

This despite his leaking and despite lying about that leaking during testimony. He claimed for example that he leaked to the NY Times after Trump tweeted out that there might be tapes. In fact, the timeline shows he was already leaking to the Times as they published a story which referenced the information in the memos on May 11. Trump’s tweet wasn’t until May 12.  But now there may be more manipulation afoot.

Now that Trump was forced to admit that he had not actually made any tapes, a tweet obviously made to try to keep Comey honest, suddenly two events happened.  Comey is seen going into the NY Times building in New York City, to attend a charity event at a law firm that had in an office in the same building. But nothing prohibited him from meeting with anyone he might want to while he was in the building for approximately three hours.  And now, a friend of Comey’s who has previewed some of Comey’s information-dropping in the past, Benjamin Wittes, is promising that there is a bomb to drop shortly.

Here is more on it from  Daily Caller:

Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, posted an ominous message on Twitter on Friday: “TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK.” The lawyer, who blogs at Lawfare, has posted similar messages in the past just before major stories in the ongoing Trump-Comey saga hit The New York Times.

Wittes had post this on May 16, right before the story about the memo dropped in the New York Times. Witness was also the source for the NY Times in a story saying that Comey had told him at a lunch meeting that he sought to distance himself from Trump. Comey felt that Trump was attempting to cozy up to Comey in hopes of quashing the ongoing Russia probe. Right before that he dropped this tweet.

It’s not for whistleblowing but retaliatory because all the directed leaks began after Comey was fired. Leaks from Comey’s friends began after Trump fired him on May 9. Comey testified earlier this month that he was angered by Trump’s remarks criticizing his management of the FBI.

James Comey is nothing more than a man scorned who went out of his way to try and twist the truth against his former employer over a bitterness that he was fired. If Comey is scummy enough to do all of this and cause a special committee to form over his cry-baby antics what’s to make us think he isn’t low enough to the very person who has been leaking classified information for MONTHS?




H/T [ Young Cons ]