Top Dems Do Something Unbelievably Sick During Moment of Silence for Las Vegas Victims

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting on Sunday night we are seeing a distinct pattern of disrespect to the victims and their families coming from the Democratic side of this country. It isn’t surprising when you remember back to other shootings of this nature like the Orlando shooting at the nightclub Pulse.

One Democratic Congressman stands out distinctly due to his need to post his disrespectful agenda attacks on Twitter. After the Orlando shooting, Congressman Seth Moulton decided to walk out of the moment of silence in the House for the victims and then tweeted about how proud he was of himself.

Because somehow taking a short moment of silence would have done what? Killed the democratic agenda for gun control? These people have no respect nor concern for life. They only see dollar signs and control.

I find it to be more cowardly to avoid showing respect because you would rather throw a childish temper tantrum because no one wants to discuss gun control mere moments after so many were ruthlessly murdered.

Moulton then released a statement following backlash from the social media faux pas,
“My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this morning’s tragic mass shooting, particularly the LGBT community. In these dark days, I hope the love and support of so many millions of Americans will give some solace to those most closely impacted by this horrific shooting. Fear and ignorance will never replace our commitment to fundamental American values, including that of equality. In the days ahead, we will hold those responsible accountable, and I hope Congress will act to confront hate, terror, and gun violence in all forms.”

Now, yet again, Moulton as well as others are boycotting a moment of silence to try and push their personal agendas against guns. Do Democrats have absolutely no moral concepts?

According to Fox Insider :

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) refused to take part in a moment of silence for the victims of the largest mass shooting in U.S. history that occurred in Las Vegas Sunday night.

“Now is not a moment for silence; it’s a time for action,” the congressman tweeted.

Moulton was joined by Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA), who also boycotted.
Moulton took a shot at House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday, telling him to “do your job” and vote on gun legislation, and that he is “letting America down.”

He and several Democrats also refused to stand for a moment of silence for the victims of the June, 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida.
The Democrat is an outspoken gun control advocate, and has pressed Republicans to take up gun control legislation.

The gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, opened fire on a country music concert from his room on the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel. The attack killed 59 people and injured over 500.

Democrats truly need to get off of their knee and start looking at facts. Their push for confiscation of guns of any kind will not stop these people from shooting sprees. It will only succeed in preventing law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves which is highly unconstitutional. We have just as big of a problem worldwide with knife attacks, vehicle attacks, bomb attacks, and the possibility of chemical attacks.

We have seen this in America on many occasions. It is just not as widely covered by mainstream media because that would also kill the democratic agenda. Wake up people and realize that there is more to these shootings than gun control can solve. If you take guns, these murderers will find many other ways to do the damage they intend to do.

Boycotting a moment of silence does not outline a social injustice or a need for more laws nor does it show cowardice on the part of those observing it. It shows mere seconds of honor and respect and sadness for those lives lost. That is all it is meant to do. The moment of silence should have never been lumped in with a perceived negligence to do something to stop these attacks. It is not even close to being attached in reality.

But to deny the act of respect shows more about the character of Democrats and their mindsets in this country than anything else ever could. Democratic party lines are foul in and of themselves.

H/T [ Fox Insider ]