Traitor McCain Just Got BLINDSIDED With Bad News By Arizona Locals After Latest Disgusting Stunt He Pulled

The traitor McCain is finally being called out even by Republicans in his own state for his forked tongue speeches, failed campaign promises to Arizona, as well as unfounded attacks and insults against the President. Rep. Bob Thorpe has recently become absolutely sick of the back and forth with McCain and his lies, and he has no problem calling him out on all of it.

It isn’t any surprise that McCain is doing all he can to dismantle anything good happening for this country if you take his background of being a traitor into account. John McCain is the most anti-American person to ever have served on any level of government!

According to Young Conservatives :

Many feel that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has let down the voters who took his promises at face value and now see him fighting President Donald Trump at every term and not fulfilling the promises he made.

Even his local state Republicans are now starting to call him out.  McCain is disrespecting his constituents, says Arizona State Rep. Bob Thorpe.

He listed how McCain had failed or gone back on promises to the people.

From Townhall:

Thorpe said McCain’s criticism of President Trump’s pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was unwarranted, given that his predecessor [Obama] pardoned a record 1,927. Moreover, he argued, Arpaio was convicted of following state and federal laws regarding immigration enforcement—Obama’s pardons on the on the other hand included people who revealed national secrets and broke financial fraud laws as well as narcotics laws.

Not to mention terrorists, like FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera, whose group murdered Americans and were suspected in over 120 bombings across the country. Obama commuted his sentence despite the fact that he was unrepentant.

The Arizona Republican said he can forgive McCain for “slandering Arpaio by pushing the false narrative that he was found guilty of profiling Latinos” but not for “his failure to protect Americans from those who have not shown respect for the rule of U.S. laws.” Thorpe was referring to the Americans murdered at the hands of illegal immigrants such as Kate Steinle and Jamal Shaw. McCain, Thorpe said, had clearly forgotten his 2016 campaign promise to “build the danged fence.”

That’s not the only promise McCain forgot, according to Thorpe.

“In a melodramatic reversal of his earlier votes, McCain in July condemned the American people to [continue] suffering under unaffordable health insurance premiums and unattainable deductibles,” he wrote. “Just like his promise to build the “danged fence,” his promise to repeal and replace the failing Obamacare appears to have only been hyperbolic campaign rhetoric.”

Then McCain added more, appearing to characterize ANTIFA in positive terms  after the Charlottesville incident. Thorpe noted the damage they caused.

“Radical, violent mobs seeking to destroy our history have been taking their toll on our republic. But so are the elected officials who encourage them, as well as those in our Republican Congress who don’t want to do the job we elected them to do, who instead spend their time defying the president and his agenda.”

Well said, Rep. Thorpe! McCain is not only failing the people of Arizona but the people of the United States who are looking for leaders who will stand by their promises and the protection of the American people. Between his treason, his road blocking all advancement for America, and his illness, McCain needs to be removed either by a demand for a resignation or by force if necessary. It’s not like we can’t find actual crimes he has committed against this country to actually succeed in getting his weaselly behind thrown out.

John McCain is a disgrace to the uniform and the office that he supposedly has represented for years. Anyone who voted for him is part of the problem in America. It is past time we start treating our representatives with the harshest vetting we can think of prior to going to the polls to make sure this doesn’t happen again. With McCain’s past, he never should have been allowed on any ballot to begin with.

Get it together Arizona, and get McCain the hell out of there before he completely destroys not only the state but the country as well.

H/T [ Young Conservatives ]


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