Trump Just Redecorated Obama’s Office and HE IS FURIOUS!

Trump is making waves on his first day in Office and we love it. He is keeping his word on reversing executive orders and even taking a classic path to redecorating the White House.

The Oval Office is back to the Gold Curtains adorning the windows in a Bush-esque manner and it is gorgeous. One more thing you may notice is the Winston Churchill bust is back in its rightful place of honor.

Back in 2009 Obama had the bust removed to make room for Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. Both admittedly honorable men that deserve a place in the White House, but the Churchill bust being removed was a slap in the face to many conservatives by Obama and it was one that was not soon forgotten.

Obama must be shaking in a rage right now after seeing that bust placed back where it has always belonged.

President Trump (I love saying that by the way) has kept all of his promises so far, and I suspect he will continue to do so in the days to come. Now if we can just keep that rumored statue of Obama OUT!

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H/T [ News Max ]