Trump About To KICK ASS After Learning What Liberals Did To His 2-Year-Old Granddaughter

When it comes for their hatred for President Trump, liberals are very vocal with making their disgusting vitriol abundantly clear. While personal attacks, fake stories, and even assassination attempts are becoming a daily occurrence at this point, we’re quickly realizing that their vile attacks are not just limited to the president, but his entire family as well.  However, what liberals just did to President Trump’s tiny 2-year-old granddaughter is so sick, it will make you a staunch believer that these leftist morons truly possess no soul.

While Obama was in office, liberals within his administration made it clear that targeting the president’s children was completely off limits, with the White House frequently threatening to go after journalists and news agencies who dared to “slander” Obama’s twerking and parting teens. However that same courtesy is not extended to President Trump’s children or grandchildren, as evidenced by the vile attacks liberals launched at Barron Trump, making the innocent 10-year-old the target of vicious nasty jokes from day 1. While that was enough hatred to last a century, what liberals just did to President Trump’s granddaughter is far, far, worse.

Yesterday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the following picture of his adorable daughter, whose beautiful bright eyes and cute grin would be enough to melt anyone’s heart.

But of course liberals instantly began salivating over their latest target, launching a nasty brutal assault on the tiny blonde-headed toddler, using the picture as a way to slander the entire Trump family.

Yet again, liberals are showing us the true content of their character. Classy group of people, aren’t they? Could you imagine if one of Obama’s daughters were singled out for ridicule like this by Republicans? We’d never hear the freaking end of it!

H/T [Young Cons]