After Trump’s Well Wishes For His Cancer Treatment, McCain Issues DISGUSTING Threat To President From His Hospital Bed

Upon receiving a horrible diagnosis of a brain tumor, and the prayers and well wishes of his peers in the government including the President, John McCain decided to respond in the only way the hate-filled man knows–with scathing remarks and anger. McCain didn’t deign to even shout out a thank you to President Trump despite their past heated interactions, instead he continued on his path of scathing comments and ignorant rhetoric in the face of Trump’s decisions on Syria.


Trump’s strategy for Russia is to negotiate and to try to improve United States and Russian relations.  There are many complex issues between the United States and Russia that most of us are very unaware of as it relates to Syria.  Obama’s plan wasn’t working because it wasn’t ever intended to work. It was intended to make things worse. Now, it’s time for our country, including Senator McCain, to try to come together and back our President and to trust that he is the leader he has proven himself to be so far.

According to Daily Mail :

Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Russia hawk and occasional Donald Trump critic, blasted a report on the administration’s new Syria posture just hours after revealing he had a cancerous brain tumor.

McCain’s statement faulted the administration for reportedly ending a covert program begun during the Obama administration to provide arms to Syrian rebels battling President Bashar al-Assad. ‘If these reports are true, the administration is playing right into the hands of Vladimir Putin,’ the Armed Services Committee chairman said in a statement.

Senator McCain blasted a report on the administration’s new Syria posture just hours after revealing he had a cancerous brain tumor The statement served as a reminder that so long as he is in the Senate, McCain will continue to warn against the administration’s proposed move toward Moscow.

The former Vietnam POW also thanked the collection of supporters who sent their encouragement after he revealed the life-threatening diagnosis that was discovered. “I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support – unfortunately for my sparring partners in Congress, I’ll be back soon, so stand-by!” McCain wrote on Twitter.

Close McCain friend Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said McCain called him three times today seeking updates on his work. ‘”No more woe is me.” He is yelling at me to buck up. I’m going to buck up,’ said Graham, who said on the initial news of his longtime pal’s diagnosis that cancer was in for a real fight from McCain.

President Trump did what any morally good person should do when a horrendous tragedy befalls someone they know even if these two are not particularly good friends. He dropped the constant bickering and fighting to show some compassion for a man who just had his life forever changed. Sadly, McCain isn’t the type of person to take that as a gracious offering of condolences. Instead he decided to bite the hand that tried to shake his with more of his supposed “knowledgeable” advice laced with his typical insults and clear jealousy.

Americans voted for Trump when he ran for the presidency. We did not vote for McCain because he was not and is not what this country needs. That fact is something that McCain has never been able to get over. It is like a seething parasite deep inside of him that won’t allow him to do anything remotely gracious, nor will it ever allow him to bear his burden with a little pride.

Nothing is more insane than when someone comes out on the tail-end of something tragic in their lives to start throwing their own stresses and angers at the closest target which is exactly what McCain is doing. I pray for his family and hope that he realizes that this is not the time in his life where he should be continuing attacks on anyone let alone the President. He needs to remove himself from all politics so he can get some rest, spend much needed time with his family, and let the President do his job.

Do you think McCain will ever let it go, or will he forever be the bitter old man who lost?

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