Twit Protester Has INSANE Response After Being Asked If Obama Banning Migrants In 2011 Bothered Her

For days, we have seen people losing their minds over the travel ban. They have been in a literal meltdown and while it is humorous to watch it is also rather frightening. The left has indoctrinated these people into believing that Trump and his supporters are islamophobes’.

The glaring reality is that this travel ban is not new and was actually implemented by Barack Obama. In fact, Obama banned immigrants from Iraq in 2011 or when he banned Cuban immigrants entering America just days before his term was up. But, those pesky facts to do not deter the rabid left.

Take for example this video that The Daily Signal shared on Twitter.

In this video, you hear the interviewer inform this “enlightened” woman that Obama banned people in 2011. Instead, of responding that she was not aware of this fact, or stay consistent that she does not agree with the ban, she essentially says it was okay since it was Obama. Yes, this is the type of people we are dealing with folks.

How can anyone share truth with people who are willfully ignorant to the truth? For years, the media has successfully brainwashed people into believing that those in the middle east are peaceful and these refugees are victims of the evil republicans.

Sadly, there is not much we can do but to push back against the machine of misinformation. By us spreading the truth and continually pushing against the liberal narrative we can win this war, but it will take all of us. Thankfully, we have a leader in place that is willing to do the hard work, but he cannot do it alone. Every one of us must work together to bring this country back to its former glory which means we must work harder than ever before.

If this video proves anything it is that the majority of the left needs to be educated, and I am up for the task.

What do you think?

H/T [ Young Conservatives ]