URGENT: 500 Kids Missing From D.C. — Officials Panicing And Asking FBI for Help

The mainstream media has done its best to marginalize those who want answers on PizzaGate. They have tried to cover it up and make it seem that this is just another right wing conspiracy. However, people know that something is very wrong since more children have turned up missing up in the D.C. area. Now, we are not talking about a few children, but 501 children to be exact since the beginning of the year.

This number is staggering, but what makes it suspicious is the area. The D.C. area has been alleged to be the home of PizzaGate and an elite pedophile ring. Officials in the area are so concerned about this number that they have asked FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to look into the matter.

The Associated Press reports, the District of Columbia logged 501 cases of missing juveniles, many of them black or Latino, in the first three months of this year, according to the Metropolitan Police Department, the city’s police force. Twenty-two were unsolved as of March 22, police said.

The Twitter profile for the DC police department is quite literally riddled with images of missing young black and latino girls. In spite of the officials’ concern and the posts on Twitter, police are assuring the public that there is nothing out of the ordinary.

That seems rather suspicious to me and I do not think that this is something normal. There are disgusting pedophiles in the D.C. area that could potentially be kidnapping these children. I know the mainstream media is trying to twist this into a racial issue but in my opinion, it is far from that.

The reason that these kidnappings are not being widely reported is simple, they tie into PizzaGate. If the media actually reported on this and did investigative work they would see it. Now, I know I do not have any concrete proof, but my gut is telling me that this is connected.

What do you think? Are these kidnappings all connected to PizzaGate?


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