Veteran Detours Into Cemetery After Spotting The SICK Thing Millennials Did To Protest President Trump

Thousands of liberal douches came out in full force over Inauguration day, united in their hate to protest our new president. In addition to vandalizing property and viciously attacking Trump supporters, these rioters also made their hatred for America known, with many setting up protests across the country to set Old Glory ablaze. But unfortunately for these idiots, shortly after lighting an American flag on fire, they’d be faced with the wrath of a combat veteran, who had a little thing to teach them about disrespecting the country’s flag he gave so much to defend.

Shortly after learning about an event being organized over Facebook called “Flag Burning Extravaganza,” veteran Eric Post had been planning to confront the protesters head-on. But at the last minute he decided to take a detour to Willamette National Cemetery instead, where many of his brothers and sisters in arms had been laid to rest. Eric then uploaded the following video message to the flag-burning idiots that was so incredibly powerful, it garnered  2.5 million views shortly after being posted. You’ll soon see why when you watch it.

“After seeing the images of the burning flags in Portland, I had to come here and pay respects. I apologize for getting emotional but I remain unapologetic in my stance that flag burning is unacceptable,” he posted along with the video.


Since his post went insanely viral, Post was interviewed by the local news station where he had a brutal message for flag burners across America:

“I knew that if actually I was going to create change, I wasn’t going to fight hate with hate,” Post said. “It was going to be collecting my thoughts and sharing a message and speaking for people who couldn’t speak themselves and those are the people buried here.”

Spoken like a true hero! It truly takes a greater amount of strength to remain calm and composed when encountering American-hating idiots who know nothing about the sacrifices that our brave men and women have given so they can run their fat mouths all in the name of “freedom of speech.” God bless our military!

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