Vets Come Up With BRILLIANT Payback After Starbucks Vows To Hire 10K Muslim Refugees

There has been plenty of coverage recently of Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz’s decision to “hire Muslim muslim refugees. This announcement is enough to make the majority of American’s in this country sick to their stomachs. Considering how many homeless veterans are in this country, one would think Schultz would want to help those heroes over refugees, right? Well, obviously we all were wrong. Well, there is one company that is willing to do the right thing by our veterans and Starbucks should pay attention.

The Black Rifle Coffee Company is a small but flourishing business. When they recently discovered Starbucks plan to hire 10,000 refugees they came out with their own offer. To counter Starbucks, Black Rifle Coffee Company announced on social media that they would hire 10,000 veterans.

This small company is doing their part to right what is wrong in this country. This is more than a snub at Starbucks, but a clear step in the direction.

So, Starbucks should take notice of this small company. Maybe these liberals will one day realize that if they continue to push we will continue to push back harder. I know that I will be giving my money to a company that rather put Americans first. I am sure that my coffee will taste much sweeter in the mornings knowing I support such an amazing company.

Will you join me in supporting Black Rifle Coffee Company?

H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]