[VID] Muslim Invader Picks a Fight With White Guy, Learns Quickly Westerners Aren’t Pushovers

A Muslim man in Tottenham, London thought it would be a good idea to attack a Westerner, but little did he realize, the man was no pushover. The man he attempted to kill was no pushover and even turned the tables on the Muslim attacker. Maybe next time he will think twice before attacking a Westerner.

Tottenham has seen an influx of African Muslim migrants in recent years leading to more attacks in the area. For whatever reason, the attacker decided to pick a fight with one of the biggest white guys he saw. Fortunately, some people passing by saw the attack from across the street and recorded the event.

It is unclear why the migrant started the fight, but according to Bare Naked Islam, the attacker probably started the fight over an attempted robbery. The huge Polish man decided to fight back and leaped at the migrant who attempts to flee. The Muslim man doesn’t get far, and from there he learns that his target victim was a terrible choice. Eventually, the Polish man beats the migrant and gives him a few more shots just to be sure.

The entire incident was caught on camera and posted on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Muslims believe they are entitled and have a right to attack whomever they want. The Quran teaches them to attack infidels and to take whatever they desire because Allah allows it. In fact, Islam’s “holy” teachings say that Muslims are allowed to take advantage of the infidel in any way they choose from assault seen in the video above, and theft, to even rape and murder.

This attitude is the way all followers of Islam think. Their great prophet commanded it and in their twisted minds, it is their right. Too bad for them that the rest of the world will not sit by and tolerate it anymore. People are starting to fight back, and sooner or later Muslims will be completely isolated. Here is just another example of how they are entitled.

In a video that was uploaded on Information Liberation, a Muslim man pushes his way to the front of a line at a fast food counter. The unknown Muslim pushes a blonde woman in the process and she was not about to let this guy get away with it. The woman immediately complains to which the Muslim vermin responds saying, “I urinate on people like you.”

Completely unfazed by this Muslim’s behavior she tells him to “go back” and then actually PUSHES him and says “go back to your damned country!” The identified woman then goes on to tell this disgusting piece of flesh “It is me who lives here.”

And, that is when the worker steps in and tells the rude Muslim migrant,“I’m closing here, go stand last in line.” This then prompts a response from the blond-haired woman, “go stand last in line, you heard it.”

The Muslim refugee visibly angered and frustrated at being put in his place, responds to the blond-haired woman; “Shut up you f*****g whore!”

Watch the exchange here.

It is absolutely astounding to see this woman stand up to the scum who is invading her country. These migrants are flooding over their borders and being placed on welfare, raping women, and leaving destruction everywhere they go. What makes it even more depressing is that through Muslim birth rates, conversion, and the refugee crisis, it is only a matter of time before Sweden becomes another Muslim nation.

However, it is important to note that Sweden was not always in this position. In 1975, Sweden made the insane choice to open their borders in the name of multiculturalism. Every since that horrible decision, crime has steadily increased, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Just two years ago in 2015, there were 480,000 sexual assaults in Sweden, and I can pretty much guarantee that the number has only grown. Because of this, the women in Sweden do not want to walk alone in their once peaceful country, and who can blame them. Just recently, Muslim migrants in Sweden were caught raping a woman on “Facebook Live” and were not even deported after they were convicted.

Earlier this year, filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who is known for his efforts in exposing radical Islam, was brutally beaten when entering a so-called “no-go zone” in the Swedish capital.

“They repeatedly punched, kicked and choked me as a number of bystanders watched,” Horowitz told The Daily Mail. “Eventually they dragged me into a building, which at the time I assumed was to finish me off.”

“Once inside the apartment building vestibule, they resumed their vicious attack,” He continued. “But seconds later someone opened an apartment door directly above us, and it luckily spooked them enough to run away.”

There are numerous examples of how Muslims believe they can do whatever they want. It is so important that America learns from Europe’s mistakes and keeps these dangerous people far away from us. Of course, if Muslims think that Americans are just going to stand by and let them take over, they have another thing coming to them.

H/T Freedom DailyBare Naked Islam



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