VIDEO: Muslims Attempt To FORCE Christians In America To Submit To Sharia Law—BIG Mistake

We often hear the “go to” lines about Muslims just wanting to live in America in peace, and most of them mean absolutely no harm to anyone. The mainstream media pushes the “peaceful Muslim” propaganda by showing half-truths and cut up videos to make it look as though Muslims are being unfairly treated like terrorists, and the liberal mindset of a large percentage of America’s youth is constantly reciting all the prettily wrapped statements that Democrats feed them about Islam. This video is merely one of the thousands that they don’t want you to see. This type of attack on Christians happens daily worldwide but the terrifying reality is that this happened here in America in one of the most heavily saturated Muslim towns we have so far, Dearborn, Michigan.

Here is more from Conservative Post:

Are Muslim immigrants really all peaceful people just looking for a better life and the American dream? If the following video tells you anything it’s that Muslim immigrants do indeed have a dream, but it’s not the American dream. It’s a dream of America SUBMITTING to Sharia Law. They may not yet have the numbers, but that isn’t stopping some Muslim immigrants from trying to FORCE American Christians to bow before Islam. In this disturbing footage, a gang of Muslim thugs surrounding a Christian in Dearborn, Michigan and attacks him for, well, not being Muslim. Police and local security intervene and put down the assailants. But this is happening – not in the Middle East or Europe – right here in our own backyard, and its needs to be stopped.

Watch while many things happen by design to eventually end in a Christian being attacked at a Muslim festival simply for asking questions:

The gang like methods of Muslims has long been witnessed and is clearly outlined in this video. They don’t want true exposure because it would destroy their lies and fake propaganda of how peaceful they claim to be. It has become quite clear that the Muslim infiltration and takeover is well on its way to fruition in America and it is absolutely disgusting and terrifying.

Anyone in this country that thinks for even a second that this is in any way a peaceful situation with people who simply want to live the American dream is truly and utterly ignorant and delusional. Wake up America and stand up for what this country is made of. The Muslim take-over is beyond stoppable in many of the countries that have already made the mistake of allowing the refugees in. We CAN NOT make the same mistakes. Our Constitution can not and will not ever allow for Sharia Law, which means there will be a complete deletion of all Constitutional rights as we know it and our very Government is allowing it by their lack of addressing these popcorn attacks on American citizens.

Stand up people and do it now before it is too late. Contact any and all representatives you can think of and demand that the People are heard in the case of Muslim take-over!

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