VIDEO: One Patriotic Dad DESTORYS School With Their SICK Muslim Indoctrination–This Is A Must Share

Barack Obama had a goal in mind when he pushed and bribed states to implement the new curriculum called Common Core. That goal was to push Islam onto our children and begin the indoctrination of our entire country. Many parents stood against this curriculum years ago and fought but not enough of us were aware nor did many want to even hear about it. As one of those parents myself, this attack on our educational system is what led me to homeschool my own children. After the push of this dangerous curriculum then it was onto the mass infiltration of migrant Muslim children to further push the schools to adopt policies that were NEVER needed before.

Well, now with President Trump in our corner, parents are now fighting back, and we are actually winning again.

Watch how one California family is dealing with the corrupt policies in his children’s school.

According to Red Nation Report:

A legal group and six parents have filed a lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of a San Diego Unified School District plan to protect Muslim students from bullying. “It’s our position that the anti-bullying policies should protect all students regardless of ethnicity and affiliation, and they shouldn’t be singling out any religious group for special treatment, as they seem to be doing here,” said Charles LiMandri, president and chief council for the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, which filed the lawsuit in federal court Tuesday on behalf of the parents.

In April, trustees in the districts voted to create a policy that would protect Muslim students from bullying by, among other steps, increasing lessons about Islam. Students already learn about Islam and other religions as part of a social studies curriculum set by the state, but additional lessons could be added to create a better understanding of the religion, district staff members explained.

LiMandri and others who have objected to the policy said they are concerned the lessons could cross the line separating church and state. The anti-bullying policy is part of a larger effort the district has adopted to make campuses safe for all students. Anti-bullying policies also have been created for LGBT students and students who are Native American and Latino. The latest anti-bullying step was the first to focus on a religion and was sparked by a 2015 Council for American-Islamic Relations Report that found 55 percent of American Muslim students surveyed in California had said they were bullied because of their religion.

The district didn’t have data about how many of those incidents happened in its schools, but a report to the board in April did note that there were seven incidents of bullying between July 1 to Dec. 31, 2016, although it didn’t specify which religion was targeted. “That’s a relatively small number and it does not warrant or justify a wholesale change in the school district or its curriculum,” LiMandri said. “It appears to us that this is a politically correct type of solution looking for a problem,” he continued. “If Muslim students are being bullied, stop the bullying. But you don’t need to implement a program that is favoring Muslim students or one religion over another.”

Slowly but surely people are waking up and America is winning more and more every day.

H/T [ Red Nation Report ]