Vile Restaurant Workers Sing ‘F*** The Police,’ To Their Cop Customers, Get Whats Coming To Them Moments Later

It is disgusting to see how young people treat police officers nowadays. Under the Obama administration, the lack of respect for authority grew to dangerous levels. That is evident in the way these young people protest the police and the dangerous hate group Black Lives Matter. So, sadly these terrible ideas have spread and it is not happening in companies across the country.

Once again employees are taking it upon themselves to grossly voice their personal opinions while at their place of employment. Police are attacked often in this country¬†over the last few years, and when it gets to a point where they can not even get something to eat on a break without hearing “f*** the police” something has to change.

Via ABC 11:

Law enforcement officials are disappointed and disturbed by what happened to police officers at a Raleigh restaurant. On Jones Sausage Road, the message by the drive-thru at Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q says that it’s “grateful to serve.” Friday night, that service came with a side of disrespect. A member of the Raleigh Police Protective Association (RPPA) took to the group’s Facebook account to express concern over the incident.

The post reads: “Thank you Smithfield’s Chicken & Barbeque Jones Sausage location for the class and professionalism as you sang “F the Police” as my brothers at Raleigh Police Department attempted to eat at your restaurant. The manager sang along as well. Do you really feel that was appropriate?”

The post claims employees of the restaurant were singing NWA’s song “F— the Police” as they ate. The post has gone viral and has been shared more than 2,000 times. “Police officers go out there every day and they risk their lives and to be treated with such disrespect is truly unfortunate,” Rick Armstrong with RPPA said.

Stay on top of breaking news stories with the ABC11 News App The union found out about the incident after a fellow police officer posted about it. Officers are calling for the employees to be disciplined. “Suspension and/or including termination,” Armstrong said. Within hours of the union’s post, the franchise owner responded by saying: “We will do a thorough investigation and terminate anyone employed that doesn’t share our respect of all law enforcement.”

“We do appreciate his quick response and we’re going to have to wait and see what he does, and hopefully, he follows up with appropriate action on these employees,” Armstrong said. Several police officers and members of the community are rallying around this incident. ABC11 has reached out to the franchise owner for an update on his internal investigation but no comment has been made.

Watch the video here:


Thankfully, the franchise has made a statement that something will¬†be done about the disgusting actions by one of their employees. Let’s hope that they will actually follow through with the correct actions to right this by firing all involved.

Let us know what your opinion is of these type of verbal attacks against our police in the comments.

H/T [ ABC 11 ]