WATCH: Antifa Thugs Act All Tough Until They Start Crap With an Afghanistan WAR VET

The disrespect that our Vietnam Vets received when they got home was absolutely disgusting, however, the filth shouted at all veterans now by Antifa has even that era in our history topped for acts of vile disrespect to the very men and women who fought and died to give these little leftist cretins the very right they abuse with their scum holes. Most of those on the left that pick and poke at our veterans do it in the hopes that they will get a violent reaction so they can then claim that they were right and veterans are just bad.

But they are often proven wrong. One thing about our Veterans that these childish idiots don’t get is that they come home after seeing some of the worst atrocities in the world preformed right before their eyes, and they still maintain honor and integrity in the face of asinine hatred.

While trying to answer questions from media in Boston, one such Afghanistan Veteran showed some Antifa children exactly what it means to be an American. He gave them his back and never slunk to their level, nor did he allow them to get his anger up enough to give them what they wanted. Imagine that, he acted like an honorable MAN, an adult with respect which is something these entitled toddlers know nothing about.

According to Independent Journal Review :

The rally in Boston has had a massive turnout. But it didn’t come without its provocateurs. A senior woman was assaulted by a protester who ripped the American flag right out of her hands. It’s unclear if the protester belonged to any of the groups at the event. But the woman did end up running toward the protester and into a crowd of antifa members. Antifa also decided to surround the entryway into the rally and confront other attendees. At one point, an Afghan war veteran was taking questions from the media about the reason he was at the rally.

The veteran said, “I’m here to support President Trump.” Antifa didn’t like that. In response, it decided to drown out the veteran in a profane chant, yelling “f**k off, Nazi scum”:

But nobody appeared to ask antifa members to stop insulting the veteran — not the media, nor any of the bystanders. Once again, people are having a hard time standing up to the individuals who create the real problems at rallies that are intended to be peaceful.

How this man was able to stand there and show such restraint is truly amazing.  Just watching it has me wanting to personally show those punks what a good old-fashioned whooping feels like, but THAT is the distinct difference between civilians and veterans. Restraint and the ability to know when to fight and when the subject in front of them isn’t worthy of even a good tongue-lashing. Much respect to this man and his extreme willpower.

Our men and women who are serving or who have served are some of the most amazing human beings I have ever met. They come from so many different walks of life and situations that they literally show what true diversity is. They don’t bicker and fight among themselves over trivial things. They see one color and that is green.

Our Veterans are a true family unit even when they are razzing each other good-naturedly. But I can assure Antifa that if and when it comes to it they will wake up the sleeping giant that is the American Veteran and a whole new level of pain will become the little commies constant reminder of things they should never do.

Keep pushing you little cretins, and one day these service members will forget all about their restraint and they will feed you an entire mouthful of FREEDOM the likes of which you have never, and never will again experience. When they do, I truly hope it is a taste that lingers for the rest of your miserable little lives!

God Bless America! God Bless our Freedoms! God Bless our Veterans and Service Members!

And may God have mercy on all these little wanna-be Billy bad-a***s, because our Veterans sure as hell won’t!

H/T [ Independent Journal Review ]


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