WATCH: Did The Congress Shooter Receive His Marching Orders From Loretta Lynch?

The constant calls for blood and mayhem coming from the left have grown so loud apparently that moronic Bernie Supporters think it is acceptable to try to pull of mass murders of Congressmen. We can lay this type of psychotic behavior directly at the feet of Democratic leaders with extremely tight mental holds on their constituents.

Via Angry Patriot Movement:

The assassination attempt on Republican congressmen that resulted in the hospitalization of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) could be the bi-product of RADICALIZATION by leftist leaders like Loretta Lynch.

Lynch previously released a disturbing video in which she said blood and death would be necessary to advance the progressive agenda. James Hodgkinson was simply obeying the radical ideology espoused by the former Attorney General in that video. Blood and death? That’s exactly what Hodgkinson was up to at the Virginia baseball stadium where he tried to commit a massacre.

Fortunately, there were armed police officers on the scene. Scalise’s leadership position gives him a 24-hour security detail. As we common sense conservatives always say, the only person who can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But you won’t hear the progressive media talking about the virtues of widespread gun ownership. And you won’t hear them talking about how Hodgkinson was a radical Bernie Sanders supporter and campaigner. Those facts don’t fit their narrative. Because, for the media — and for Democrats like Loretta Lynch, it’s all about the narrative. The narrative they want to spin is that Donald Trump is some kind of mad dictator.

In their minds, then violence is justified. It’s reprehensible. Then they use guilt by association. All Donald Trump supporters are viable targets. So are all Republicans. All these Democrat rats need to do is convince enough gullible liberals of their lies and soon you have the nationwide terrorizing of conservatives. It really is sick! Many of these radicalized liberals don’t have the best mental health to begin with. They’re easily worked up by the stories Loretta Lynch and her ilk make up, making them think President Trump and Republicans are going to take all their rights away — and the only solution to some of them is bloodshed.

James Hodgkinson and other thugs committing crimes against conservatives are de-facto pawns of the Democrat Party. We believe it’s the liberal dog-whilsters who are ultimately responsible for this violence. To end the carnage, we have to aggressively investigation known radicals. They won’t stop radicalizing impressionable progressives unless they’re prosecuted.


A list was compiled and has gone viral on social media that lists many more instances of Democratic leaders trying to incite murder and bloodshed…

The left has officially gone completely off of the reservation and some severe actions must be taken by their republican counter-parts to get these psychos locked up or at least shut up before more people die. No matter what the left has as grievances, murder is unacceptable and calling for such from a position of power is just as horrendous.

H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]