[WATCH] President Trump Issues A Stern Warning To Muslim Leaders That Is EPIC

Many people are currently giving their opinions as to the speech from our President to the Muslim leaders of the world some are missing the very tactical move he just made. While some say it sounds like he is caving or pandering to the Islamic agenda, he is, in fact, giving an ultimatum.

Telling 50 Muslim leaders that their future will be better if they drive the radicals and terrorists out amounts to saying do it or else. It is quite a smart move on Trump’s part on the heels of Obama’s pandering and butt-kissing of the radical Islamic agenda for the past 10 years.

The greeting from the Saudi dignitaries indicates that they know they now fact an American Leader that will not be cow-toed nor intimidated as the last one was and that in and of itself is quite telling, and Trump’s speech in and you have a formidable obstacle for anyone planning to try and further push an Islamic takeover.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Top Arab leaders from 50 majority Muslim countries, including the Saudi, Egyptian and Jordanian leaders posed for a photo with the US president on Sunday before his speech in Riyadh.

It will be hard for the liberal to spin this photo and historic event. Trump delivered courageous and honest remarks on the fight against the terrorists. This was an AMAZING speech!

President Trump: “A better future is for you if you drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. Drive them out. Drive them out of your praises of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land. And drive them out of this earth.”

Watch the video here:

As we all know liberals will try to get us to assume that Trump is back-peddling to keep us off guard, but lets face facts; Trump doesn’t make a move without 10 backup plans and strategically placed chess pieces. I am sure that mainstream media will try really hard to somehow spin this saying that Trump is doing a drastic 180 on his stance against Muslims. Or that Trump is angering conservatives by pandering to Islam. However, anyone with any brains and an understanding of strategy will understand exactly what Trump did while giving that speech.

I imagine that right now the Muslims leaders are scrambling to decipher his words and their own mixed up and confusing feelings on the entire situation. The end result will be the same no matter what.

They will agree to start cleansing radical and terror geared Muslims from their countries and then they will either do exactly that or they will call his bluff at which time Trump will do what he must, and I am sure it will involve “Mad Dog” and missiles. It’s about time we have a leader that fears nothing but failing his country.

Which is what a President should worry about, right?

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H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]