Watch This Security Guard Take This Armed Bank Robber Out LIKE A BOSS

It only takes a split-second for a situation to go from calm to dangerous. On January 20th, 2017, that is exactly what happened to bank security guard Brian Harrison. The retired Deputy was brought face to face with a serial criminal who had the intent to rob the bank where Harrison is employed.

The suspect, Laurence Turner, entered the establishment and opened fire in the direction of Harrison who responded by firing back and hitting Turner who collapsed and was later pronounced dead. Thankfully there were no customers in the bank at the time. With the full cooperation of all Law Enforcement agencies, the shooting was initially treated and investigated as a homicide.

During the investigation, Turner was linked to at least 3 other area robberies and the surveillance videos from the bank have provided the evidence needed to fully clear Brian Harrison. The shooting of the suspect had been declared as justified.

This just goes to show you that crime truly doesn’t pay.

This video is graphic and shows the shooting from both angles.

Incidents like this don’t have to happen. Two peoples lives were completely changed that day as well as their families. Thankfully the justice system did their due diligence in this case and the security guard won’t be facing any unnecessary charges. Thanks to Harrison’s quick reaction no one else lost their lives that day.

H/T [ Rockford Scanner]