WATCH: Trump Celebrates Independance Day His Own Way— And The Left Loses Their Minds

Independence Day 2017 is definitely one for the books.  After the last 8 years under the reign of a tyrannical dictator basically, we have finally regained much of our footing in the greatest country in the world. President Trump celebrated July 4th like many of us, by practicing his freedom. For many years now new traditions have been created and implemented by many Americans on the 4th of July in the true spirit of the holiday and that is exactly what Trump did when he tweeted his Happy 4th wishes to the people.

Who would have thought that his simple tweet with the debut of the song “make America Great Again” would have the snowflakes as up in arms as they were? Don’t these people have anything better to do on a national holiday then to wait all day for the President to make one simple tweet just so they can come out in droves to be the negative and hateful people they really are?

Check out the tweet that had liberals up in arms yesterday instead of spending quality time with the ones they love.

According to the Independent Journal Review:

President Donald Trump wished the American people a happy Fourth of July on Tuesday, tweeting out a video of a patriotic choral performance — but it wasn’t a traditional American tune. Instead, Trump celebrated America’s independence with “Make America Great Again.” Just watch:

It was the only Fourth of July tweet Trump posted on Tuesday morning. Here are just some of the lyrics:

Make America great again

Make America great again

This is a march of freedom

All across the land

Predictably, Trump’s critics couldn’t handle it.

I don’t know whether to cringe at the idiocy and pettiness of some people or laugh it. Is it really so easy to drop these cry-babies to their knees with nothing more than a song? I am positive that even had Trump tweeted any other traditional American celebratory song being played liberals would still have had a reason to complain about it. These responses just go to show how far down the intelligence ladder they have gone.

At what point in our history has it offended someone for a new song to be written to celebrate something that so many find to be a winning cause? When did so many become so sensitive to change even while they scream that we need change?

Listening to the liberal generation is like listening to an old coffee can with a bunch of nuts that have no bolts, but you keep around anyways for “just in case.” Hollow and nerve-grinding, but possibly useful someday in the far off future. It is time to grow up folks. You do not have to make an ass out of yourself every single time you read or see something that you don’t like.  Do you know what happens when you get offended? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

On that note, feel free to re-tweet President Trump’s video as many times as you can to show a united front against stupidity!

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