WATCH: Trump Rally Comes To A Complete Halt The Second This Little Blind Girl Walks Onto Stage

We are constantly being inundated with disgusting vile rhetoric against our president as angry butthurt liberals continue to do everything they can take Trump down. So if you’re weary about the constant barrage of negative news popping up in your feed like many Americans are, stick around because this next story will put a giant smile on your face.

President Trump stopped by Louisville, Kentucky several days ago and had just finished publicly slamming NFL moron Colin Kaepernick for his ongoing antics with refusing to stand for the National Anthem. If that wasn’t enough to make the crowd go wild, they were in for another treat when a little blind girl by the name of Marlana VanHoose made her way to the stage. While she might be without her eye sight, for the next several minutes she showed everyone present the true meaning of being American, belting out the National Anthem with so much passion that everyone in the stadium was left completely stunned. Watch and be amazed:

What an incredible set of pipes on that little girl! Now if THAT doesn’t make you proud to be an American, maybe it’s time for you to go hang out with America-hating idiot Colin Kraperdick.

While slamming the sucky NFL quarterback, President Trump also took a few jabs at NFL owners saying, “There was an article today that was reported that NFL owners don’t want to pick him up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Trump. Do you believe that? I’m going to report it to the people of Kentucky because they like it when people stand for the American flag, right?” Trump said.

Below is President Trump’s full 45 minute speech in case you missed it:

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