WATCH: Trump’s Lawyer Just Proved To America How Incompetent Chris Wallace Truly Is And It Is Epic

Let me paint the picture for you. Chris Wallace, the hack and host of Fox News Sunday, and Jay Sekulow, attorney for President Trump are having a conversation about President Trump and the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, who we now know is a leaker. While watching and listening to this exchange carefully, I could not believe what I was hearing. Is Chris Wallace, a supposedly accomplished journalist really this stupid, not to be able to understand an explanation of legal theory?

To make matters worse Chris Wallace then goes on to expect President Trumps’ lawyer to violate privilege and disclose the contents of private meetings Jay Sekulow had with the President. This interview is exactly why a majority of Americans do not trust the mainstream media. Because so-called professionals like Chris Wallace are simply well, stupid and ignorant. And when they have an agenda there is no low they will not sink to.

Let me break down the good parts for you.

First, the interview starts off with Chris Wallace asking about a tweet President Trump made and if President Trump has been notified by Robert Muller that he is in fact under investigation. Jay Sekulow responds by stating, “the President has not been notified by anyone that he is under investigation”. The tweet Chris Wallace is speaking of can be seen here.

Allow me to put this into context since Chris Wallace forgets to mention this. The above tweet was President Trumps’ response to a story published in the Washington Post, where it was claimed five anonymous sources leaked information to the Washington Post that President Trump is under investigation. Then the following ensues…

Jay Sekulow: There’s been no notification of any investigation. Nothing has changed since James Comey said the President was not a target or subject of investigation. Nothing has changed.

Chris Wallace: Well, but you don’t know that he isn’t under investigation now do you?

Jay Sekulow: Well no one has notified us that he is. So I can’t read people’s minds but I can tell you this, we have not been notified that there is an investigation of the President of the United States. So nothing has changed in that regard since James Comey’s’ testimony.

For whatever reason, Chris Wallace can’t seem to understand that President Trump is not under investigation nor has he been notified of any such investigation. Since this is too hard for him to grasp, he then asks why President Trump is attacking Rod Rosenstein.

Chris Wallace: I want to go after another part of his tweet. Why is he going after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein? First of all, he seems to imply that Rosenstein is investigating him. That’s not true, it’s Muller, and secondly, he made it clear in an interview with NBC that he decided to fire Comey well before he ever met with Rod Rosenstein. Take a look.

Then the interview cuts to an NBC segment of President Trump, where the President clearly states that he was going to fire James Comey regardless of the recommendation.

It is important to look at the statement Chris Wallace made here, and you can understand why the mainstream media has no credibility. He is attempting to change the narrative that President Trump is under investigation when Jay Sekulow has stated the President is not under investigation. So now Chris Wallace cannot only read minds but he knows who is conducting investigations.

Hey, Chris, when did you get a security clearance? And somehow Chris Wallace expects Jay Sekulow to read minds as well. Mind reading must be some liberal superpower I’m not aware of.

The interview continues with Jay Sekulow explaining a legal theory, in response to Chris Wallace asking him if President Trump thinks Rod Rosenstein did anything wrong. Jay Sekulow’s’ response to explain the legal theory and common sense is a mistake because we know liberals and mainstream media hacks like Chris Wallace lack the brainpower to deal with facts and logical thinking. Here is Jay Sekulow’s’ response.

Jay Sekulow: The president has never said anything about Rod Rosenstein doing anything wrong. Here’s what — what is the legal situation here. There is a constitutional issue when you have this scenario. The president made a determination based on consult of advice. He decided ultimately. He’s the commander in chief. He gets to make that decision that James Comey had to go. That was coming, by the way, from group’s right, left, and center over the last year. You — you and I know that. So there had been concern about James Comey.

It was put forward in a memorandum — that’s what the president’s referencing — from the deputy attorney general and the attorney general requesting the removal of James Comey as the FBI director. And, ultimately, that’s the president’s determination.

So here’s the constitutional threshold question, Chris. The president takes action based on numerous events, including recommendations from his attorney general and the deputy attorney general’s office. He takes the action that they also, by the way, recommended. And now he’s being investigated by the Department of Justice because the special counsel under the special counsel regulations reports still to the Department of Justice. Not an independent counsel. So he’s being investigated for taking the action that the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency who recommended the termination. So that’s the constitutional threshold question here. That’s why, as I said, no investigation —

So here is where the interview gets heated because Chris Wallace is a mental midget, who doesn’t understand special counsel rules and regulations, and seems to forget that the special counsel reports to the Department of Justice, (e.g. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein) the same agency that recommended James Comey be fired. So this is the constitutional dilemma, which Jay Sekulow is attempting to explain, and as the interview continues Chris Wallace attempts to continually take Jay Sekulow’s’ words out of context because well, that’s the status quo for the mainstream media. I’ll spare you the back and forth which ensued. But, here is where Jay Sekulow expounded upon his original statement.

Jay Sekulow: No. The context of the tweet, I just gave you the legal theory, Chris, of how the Constitution works. If in fact, it was correct that the president was being investigated, he would be investigating for taking action that an agency told him to take. So that is protected under the Constitution as his article one power. That’s all I said. So I appreciate you trying to rephrase it, but I’m just being really direct with you, Chris.

And this is where Mr. Sekulow makes a mistake in that, he thinks people like Chris Wallace understand how the United States Constitution works.

If you want to watch the exchange in its entirety, you can see it here.

Chris Wallace continues on his diatribe, asking Jay Sekulow about conversations he has had with President Trump, forgetting that conversations between lawyers and clients are privileged. Maybe Chris missed this day in his journalism class?

Chris Wallace: I understand that – And the client – Have you spoken to the President at all?

Jay Sekulow: Yes, but I’m not going to discuss those conversations with you. Those are privileged under the attorney-client privilege.

As the exchange comes to a close Chris Wallace keeps asking Jay Sekulow, in various form what other people are thinking and feeling, that somehow President Trumps’ legal team are mind readers.

Then Chris Wallace continues looking like an idiot, displaying his lack of knowledge of the United States Constitution, the rules and regulations for a special counsel, and the parameters of attorney-client privilege. And this is what passes for journalistic integrity and professionalism?

This interview proved that the mainstream media is not interested in reporting the truth or providing viewers with an unbiased opinion. The mainstream media has turned into a retarded version of the Jerry Springer show. This is the same mainstream media who colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign to create the perception that Donald Trump was losing the election, and was going to loose. However, we all know how well that turned out. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and the mainstream media went into meltdown, blaming everything and everyone but Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

It would not surprise me in the least if the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign did the hack and election interference themselves, in an attempt to make it look like the Trump campaign and Russia collided. The technology definitely exists to make it so. We know from leaked emails that the DNC had the fix in for their primary. Is it so far fetched that they would be willing to hatch a scheme on themselves, and then blame someone else? This is the liberal 101 modus operandi. Someone will be going to jail over this, and my money says it is going to be someone from the DNC or the Hillary Clinton campaign.