White House Drops a BOMB on Crime-Ridden Chicago: Trump Isn’t Messing Around!

This past Friday, a reporter from Chicago’s WBBM station attempted to stump Sean Spicer with a humdinger of a question, or so he thought. He was hoping Sean’s answer would be a possible contradiction in regards to Trump’s sanctuary city policy. Unfortunately, he was dead wrong in his assumption.

Blakley asked:

According to Young Conservatives:

Karen Sheley, director of police practices at the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, responded to the exchange almost immediately, saying “That is just either a stunningly ignorant statement or an outrageous lie,” according to Bloomberg magazine.

Indeed, much of what one can read from the media and academic press supports Ms. Sheley’s accusation, such as from Alex Nowrasteh of CATO.

Still, many would agree with Spicer’s remark.

argues that “The uncompensated cost of incarcerating deportable illegal aliens in Illinois state and local prisons amounts to about $55 million a year,” or 358% more than the $12m Mr. Blakley says Chicago needs as to not hamper Chicago’s fight against street crime.

Of course, the cost of incarceration of illegal aliens is just one part of the cost a city endures when it allows itself to be an illegal alien magnet by declaring itself as a sanctuary city. There is also education, health care, social services, and so on.

Chicago also has a well-documented problem with gangs, such as La Raza Nation, whose members are mostly comprised of “freshly arrived Mexican immigrants.”

So clearly some will agree with Spicer’s contention that for sanctuary cities like Chicago, the pain they might feel from the cut in federal funds it might suffer is small compared to the pain they are inflicting upon themselves to maintain that status.

So it’s rather simple, just as Spicer put it. Just do a little number crunching and you will see how wrong democrats are on the topic of sanctuary cities. So far reporters have yet to stump Sean Spicer. You can’t stop the Trump train!

H/T [ Young Conservatives ]