White Inner City School Teacher GOES OFF On Maxine Waters: “You’re a racist and a freaking joke!”

Maxine Waters is a joke!  How does someone have the right to be born into a certain pigmented shade of skin and think they can judge others for a pigment shade they do not share?  It must be nice to be able to look in the mirror and see a certain shade of brown and then come to the conclusion that because of your certain skin shade you can hide behind this coloration of skin and claim that anyone who does not agree with your asinine views is somehow a “racist.”  Maybe, Maxine, your views are asinine!  Just because someone does not agree with someone else does not make them a racist.  This racist card is being used as a cover to make excuses for being just plain stupid. 

As an inner-city school teacher, it is evident that the division based on race is getting more and more prevalent in the classroom. It is a shame when these students are learning hatred from so-called leaders of their communities.  If we do not take a stand against this divisiveness, the next generation may be even worse.  We must teach pride in America once again and pride in personal accomplishments based on hard work and effort. 

American people are getting sick and tired of having to cower down to others for fear of being labeled “racists.”  How about getting to the real issues?  Put on the blindfolds of justice and stop looking at the pigmentation of skin.  Some people cannot step back from the physical differences and look at the real issues at hand.  We are all Americans.  We had better get together and fight against our true enemy.  We are going to destroy ourselves as a country if we do not come together and fight against the true enemy of America.  We must stand together against the ILLEGAL migrating of people into our country who do not want to come here and assimilate into OUR country and share the values we were founded upon.  We must stand against an infiltration of a religious ideology of a people who want to destroy us.   We must stand against division based on skin color.  A house divided will not stand.  America is made up of a vast and diverse type of people.  When we fight among ourselves, we will not see the fox who is sneaking into the hen-house. 

How is a person like Maxine Waters taken seriously?  She wants to pull out the race card for every debate.  Maybe Maxine should tell the people who share her same pigmentation just how she is able to live in a 4.3-million-dollar house based on her income as a community servant.  Obviously, she is not speaking for the commoners.  She is not speaking for the people who work hard each day to put food on the table and try to make an honest living just existing and paying bills.  She is sowing discord among Americans whenever she opens her mouth.  Hopefully, people will see through the smokescreens the Democrats keep sending out that only cloud the real issues we are facing as Americans. 

Maxine is now using her race card just because questions are being asked where she actually got her money.  She has been busted out and she must answer how she lives in one of the poorest districts in California and be able to live in a 4.3 million-dollar mansion in one of the richest and whitest communities in Los Angeles.  And by the way, she lives nowhere near the district in which she is supposed to represent.  Even her own constituents are now calling her a “poverty pimp.”  As a “public servant,” her net worth has now increased into the millions of dollars while the district she was elected to represent continues to languish in poverty.  If she can keep these people believing she has their best interest in mind, she can continue to line her pockets with gold.   She wants to blame “racism” for the legitimate question of how does someone who works in a community service job afford such an estate.

The problem does not lie in the fact that she has money and lives in a multi-million-dollar mansion.  The problem is in that she spews her racism hatred in order to keep herself in this lap of luxury.  Without the support of people who buy into her racism rhetoric, she would not be able to sustain her lavish lifestyle. Maybe Maxine should answer the legitimate questions being asked of her.  It is a fact that she has paid her own daughter $600,000 from campaign funds.  Her own husband was the director of One United Bank which in 2008 got a $12-million-dollar tax bill bail-out which Maxine herself encouraged the Treasury Department to take the case.  She failed to disclose the fact that her own husband worked at that bank or that she herself was a stockholder with the bank. 

It is easy to pull out that little “race card” and use it to play whenever the fire is heating up.  Maxine Waters is looking out for her own self gain.  She cannot relate to the true Americans who are trying their best to make a living and provide security for their families.  She cannot relate to the students who cannot even supply their own pencils and paper.  Thankfully, most good Americans are not moved or influenced by the color of one’s skin.  If only people would truly be judged “not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”