Women’s March Organizer Just Caught Doing Something SICK With Convicted Muslim Terrorist

There seems to be more disturbing news emerging concerning “Judicial Jihad Movement,” and it gets even more twisted every day.
The new feminazi darling and Palastinian activist-Linda Sarsour is now teaming up with a convicted terrorist and immigraion fraud to push their insane rhetoric.

Rasmea Odeh was convicted in 1969 for a bombing in Israel and has chosen Sarsour to speak with her at an event in April. The event is being held by the left-wing activist group, Jewish Voice for Peace, which claims to focus on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. As we know Sarsour was one of the organizers of last month’s Women’s March, and it seems that now Odeh has signed on as an organizer for a worldwide women’s strike next month.

However, Odeh has had some major run-in’s with the law and was jailed for her connection to the bombings in Israel. Odeh failed to disclose this information that she was linked to a terrorist group, and it is most likely she would not have been allowed to enter the U.S. if she had disclosed that information. This is just one more reason we need Trump’s travel ban to be taken seriously.

Here are two interview videos from the co-bomber for the 1969 Israeli attack that Odeh was involved in:

Doesn’t it make you curious as to why these admitted anti-American women would be getting involved within things such as Womens Rights and Israeli peace talks doesn’t it?

It seems that they are very anti-women to me and need to be stopped. Maybe some of us women patriots can show up and drown out this insane rhetoric and stop these insane individuals from spreading their hate.

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