WOW: The New York Times Tips Off Virginia Shooter Of Where The GOP Practice Was Being Held

Yesterday the liberal’s hatred reached a fever pitch when a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on a GOP baseball practice. The shooter, James T. Hodgkinson who was obsessed with Russian collusion conspiracy theories shot House Majority Whip, Republican Steve Scalise, and two Capitol Police. This piece of rat dung obviously filled his head with lies from the mainstream media. It only stands to reason that if one listens to CNN and MSNBC for any length of time you eventually will lose your mind. But, the real question is how did Hodgkinson know where to find the GOP yesterday? Well, it looks like Hodgkinson was given a tip by the liberal rag The New York Times

We all know that the left has been in a constant state of panic ever since the election. These liberal idiots thought that Hillary Clinton would for sure win which would allow them to continue destroying America. However, instead of these “grown adults” accepting the results and moving on they have created a dangerous movement that has now turned potentially deadly. What is even more disgusting is that the mainstream media is to blame for this rage. If they would simply report the facts and not conjecture we would see less insanity.

Now, it has been discovered that The New York Times tipped off the deranged liberal shooter in an April article.

When members of Congress practice in the early mornings in an Alexandria, Va., public park for their Congressional Baseball Game, plain clothes United States Capital Police are sitting there in a black S.U.V.”

Ok, I am sure many people will argue that The New York Times did not know that someone would shoot GOP members. But, let us be honest here for a moment. For the last several months the mainstream media has been fanning the flames of division. The pulse in America at this point is extremely volatile and could blow at any moment.

What did they think would happen?

Here is more from New York Post:

Hodgkinson had recently moved to Alexandria, his wife told ABC News.

A source close to the Hodgkinson family told The Post that Hodgkinson moved to the area in April — without ever telling his wife, daughter or grandson why.

“James had just packed up and moved out,” said the source, who last saw James’ daughter, Tasha, during a visit to Belleville, Ill., in April. “[His wife] Sue didn’t know what was going on or why.”

“I thought he was maybe gay or left for another woman. I mean, who gets up and just walks away after 30 or so years of marriage? It’s just crazy,” the source added.

The family friend, who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly about the situation, recounted several instances in which she and Hodgkinson had battled on Facebook over their conflicting political beliefs.

“I actually blocked him on Facebook, it was so bad,” the source said, recalling an instance in May when they got into a fight over a Facebook post by Hodgkinson’s wife about millennials and personal responsibility.

Hodgkinson had responded to the source’s comment with a Photoshopped picture of President Trump looking demented, accusing the president of behaving like an adolescent in office.

“This guy would not let up,” the source said.

The left is seriously deranged with hate for the Republican party. They honestly thought they had us beaten into submission and would not fight back. In my opinion, the media has blood on their hands and we need to hold them responsible.


H/T [ The Gateway Pundit ]