WOW: Paul Ryan Caught Sneaking Off To Secret Meeting To Stab Trump In The Back…This Is BAD

There are many people that desire to take President Trump down in the political world. These political hitmen do not care who is hurt in the process as long as Trump eradicated. Their fear is that Trump will succeed in draining the swamp and that their plans for global domination will be destroyed. If you needed any more evidence of this just take a look at Paul Ryan and the rest of the RINO’s in Washington.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was photographed in a neighborhood that should raise suspicions.

According to USA Politics Now:

Just one hour after announcing to the world that the GOP health care bill was dead, rushing to a secret meeting in a residential neighborhood of Washington DC. A reporter for the Washington Examiner heard on a secured channel that Ryan had broken away from his security detail and managed to follow him and take the above photograph of him exiting the vehicle. The men he is with aren’t his Secret Service detail. They are the driver and lead agent for former President Barack Obama.

Examiner reporter Walter Lyons stayed on the scene long enough to see Ryan leave approximately an hour later. He told a colleague at the Federalist Papers: “He was full of smiles. It was as if he had just accomplished a mission that he had been working on for months.” It would appear that Ryan has been working with Obama’s Deep State shadow government all along. Whether he was promised the White House after a plan to overthrow President Trump or a percentage of the millions per month Obama makes from Obamacare royalties, Paul Ryan is a traitor to America.

We have all known that Ryan is not with President Trump or with the American people. Ryan’s allegiance is with Obama and his Deep State plans to take Trump down. Please share this report so that everyone can see what a traitorous piece of crap Ryan really is.

H/T [ Red State Watcher ]