WTF?! Just Hands Down Unbelievable Sentence To Psycho Muslim Teen Who Slit Cop’s Throat Because She Wanted To Join ISIS

Last February in Germany a 15-year-old Muslim girl slit the throat of a German policewoman during a routine check. The officer thankfully lived but just barely.

The German Spokesman stated,

 ‘As she was politely pulled to one side to confirm her identity a knife appeared lightning quick in her hand and our colleagues had little chance to defend themselves. This was an Islamic attack against our officers. It is a miracle that she survived at all.

The girl was identified as Safia S, and was reportedly obsessed with ISIS and motivated by the terror group to commit this heinous act. After the attack, which was perpetrated with a German-Syrian accomplice by the name of Mohamad Hasan K, Safia was described by police as ice-cold and only concerned that her headscarf was rumpled and displaced. She then demanded that they allow her to straighten it.

Both attackers were convicted of attempted murder and supporting a foreign terrorist organization. BUT, the kicker is that prosecutors only recommend 3 years for Hasan, and 6 years for Safia.

Safia S (pictured) was said to be furious and frustrated that she could not join ISIS in Syria and took out her anger on a German policewoman

Police said the teenager was ‘frustrated’ because she could not get to Syria to fight with her jihadist idols.

“It was nothing to her if the police officer lived or died.”

This showed a complete lack of remorse and would, in my mind, allow for a much harsher sentence.

The Police spokesman said she was radicalized into jihadism in Germany in November 2015 and admitted under questioning she wanted to travel to the Middle East to fight with ISIS. Although she made it to Turkey, her mother brought her back to Germany.

Although she made it to Turkey, her mother brought her back to Germany. Where ISIS ordered her to carry out an ‘act of martyrdom’ when she arrived home. She told Mohamad Hasan K, who was already aware of her trip to Istanbul, about her plans to kill the policewoman but he did not inform the authorities. Prosecutors say Safia belonged to a network of young followers of ISIS in Hannover.

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