WTH?! Look What Comey Did Hours Before Interviewing Key Witnesses In Hillary Investigation

There are confirmed reports from multiple news agencies that former FBI Director James Comey made the decision not to charge Hillary Clinton for her negligence with classified material long before he gave his now infamous speech where he acknowledged Hillary Clinton was irresponsible and compromised national security.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has released transcripts wherein it is revealed former FBI Director James Comey made the decision not to charge Hillary Clinton without interviewing key witnesses, and he made this decision prior to interviewing Hillary Clinton herself. Several Senators on the Judiciary Committee claim former FBI Director James Comey made this monumental decision several months prior to him publicly stating he was not going to charge Hillary Clinton. According to an investigation, Comey started the draft of his non-prosecutorial decision in May of 2016. Additionally, Comey started this draft without interviewing Bryan Pagliano, who was responsible for setting up Hillary Clinton’s personal email server. Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, who got immunity from prosecution, was also not interviewed by Comey before he made his decision about not referring charges against Hillary Clinton. Comey would not make his decision public until the first week of July 2016.

This news is interesting considering that back in August of this year it was revealed that the Department of Justice has reopened the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Oddly, when the DOJ made this decision, Hillary Clinton decided to fly off to Canada. Some suspect that she went to Canada to avoid the issue of being offered a plea deal. This plea deal would require Hillary Clinton to admit to violating the law, as it pertains to her mishandling of classified information. Hillary’s lawyers have had talks with DOJ prosecutors who were adamant that despite former FBI Director James Comey refusing to prosecute Hillary Clinton, she would have to acknowledge that she broke the law in order to avoid prison.

Adding to this most recent development, collusion between the Obama Department of Justice, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has been confirmed via documents which the American Center for Law and Justice obtained and released. The documents obtained by the ACLJ show that reporters from the New York Times and the Washington Post colluded with former AG Lynch, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and officials with the Obama DOJ to kill the tarmac story. Jordan Sekulow from the ACLJ points out that, “There is clear evidence that the main stream media was colluding with the DOJ to bury the story. A Washington Post reporter, speaking of the Clinton Lynch meeting story, said, “I’m hoping I can put it to rest .” The same Washington Post reporter, interacting with the DOJ spin team, implemented specific DOJ requests to change his story to make the Attorney General appear in a more favorable light. A New York Times reporter apologetically told the Obama DOJ that he was being “pressed into service” to have to cover the story. As the story was breaking, DOJ press officials stated, “I also talked to the ABC producer, who noted that they aren’t interested, even if Fox runs with it.” You can read the full report from the ACLJ here.

President Trump has not commented or tweeted on this most recent development leading some to believe that this is an indicator that the situation is serious, and perhaps in the future Hillary Clinton may suffer some sort of consequence for her gross negligence while she was Secretary of State.

It is common knowledge that Hillary Clinton not only mishandled classified information on her private server, but that she lied about it. Hillary Clinton claimed that in total of the 60,000 emails in question, 30,000 of those emails were of a personal nature. However, when she was answering some of Trey Gowdy’s questions, she claimed that 95% of her emails were in the State Department system. Either Hillary Clinton is really bad at math or she is lying again. Trey Gowdy, known for his fact checking, cites an Inspector General report that found less than 1% was captured.

This latest revelation is leaving many Americans frustrated because it confirms what has been known since the start of this scandal. That is, Hillary Clinton committed multiple crimes with her mishandling of classified information, lied about her actions, colluded with the Obama DOJ and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and somehow convinced former FBI Director James Comey to keep up the charade until he publicly stated he was not going to recommend Hillary Clinton be prosecuted.

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