7 Most Important Women in Politics 2020

It has become stereotyped that women have nothing to do in politics. Men believe that they should sit at home and raise children. Great accomplishments must be left to men as they are stronger. However, history regularly refutes this thesis. It turns out that women regularly came to politics for hundreds of centuries, sometimes exerting a significant influence on the fate of states. 

Should women go to politics?

“Weak” women can show steel will, fidelity to principles, foresight, and cunning. Women have a special approach in diplomacy and additional levers of influence, which are often deprived of male politicians: charm and seduction, outstanding views on life, and intuitive power. Women in politics create a balance: society doesn’t consist only of men, which means that not only men should represent it.

Women who rule the world!

They are beautiful, strong, and smart. They can charm you with their attractive appearance and also make you believe in them with their words:

  1. Rania al-Abdullah

Many men, looking for a girl to date, want her to look like Rania. According to many, this lady must be among the top of the most beautiful and important women in the world. She devoted most of her time to many issues – first of all, education, as well as solving those problems that impede the development of the whole Jordanian society!

  • Kersti Kaljulaid

She is the first woman to be president of Estonia. Kersti fights for equal rights and against the oppression of women. She believes that women of many countries should follow her example. She says that women shouldn’t be afraid to achieve high goals in politics. This woman is loved for her strictness combined with simplicity and kind disposition. Also, she cleverly combines the management of the country with the upbringing of four children.

  • Nancy Pelosi

They talk about her as a brave woman who is not afraid to criticize the authorities and proves this with her eloquent example. Pelosi defiantly tore the text of President Trump’s speech because of his unwillingness to shake her hand. Pelosi thus proves that women also exist in politics and everyone must be reckoned with. With all the severity, Pelosi looks like a real lady who attracts from the first sight.

  • Sanna Mirella Marin

She became a prime minister of Finland on December 10, 2019, becoming the youngest female prime minister in the world. Prior to her responsible appointment, Marin was a member of Parliament. She was able to prove to the world that youth is not an obstacle to a successful career in politics.

  • Orly Levy-Abukasis

Previously, she was a model and TV presenter. Nowadays Orly is one of the most attractive women, moreover, not only in the field of Israeli politics but throughout the world! Speaking about Orly, the people with whom she works note: she is courageous in her words and deeds, an extraordinary and amazing woman!

  • Angela Merkel

She is Chancellor of Germany since 2005. Merkel is the most popular politician in Germany, known for always achieving her goal. For many German citizens, she is the “mother of the German people.” Thanks to well-thought-out and successful tactics, the rating of approval of the activities of Chancellor Angela Merkel shows good growth.

  • Marie Black

Marie Black, at рук 25, is a member of the UK House of Commons. According to Marie, she decided to start a political career in order to pay more attention to issues of social equality, poverty, and unemployment, which she began to think about when she started her studies at the university.