After Kid Rock Blasts Kaepernick At Concerts, Al Sharpton Does Something SICK To Ruin His Career

During the most recent MTV Music Awards, a large group of people decided to sing the song “F**ck Donald Trump.” The vile episode did not receive any attention on mainstream media because it happened during a television break, and it isn’t the sort of thing the mainstream media would bother denouncing. In response, Kid Rock shouted “F**ck Colin Kaepernick!” So now, the race-baiting, tax-evading Al Sharpton has organized his National Action Network to have all of Kid Rock’s concerts cancelled. The hypocrisy is striking but certainly not surprising. Al Sharpton and his thugs at NAN only serve to create a racial divide in America, and they pick and choose their outrage making sure it fits with their nonsensical political arguments.

This is not the first time that Al Sharpton and Kid Rock have crossed paths. Back in 2015, nine people were brutally murdered at a predominantly African American Church in Charleston, South Carolina, by 21 year-old Dylann Storm Roof, who identified with the Confederate flag, and is seen with it in several of his social media posts on Facebook. The race baiter in chief, Al Sharpton, demanded that Kid Rock remove all references of the Confederate flag from his concerts. In response, Kid Rock told Al Sharpton and his NAN thugs to, “kiss my a**”. A simple but effective statement which sent liberals into a frenzy, boycotting Kid Rock’s concerts and calling for them to be cancelled. Seeing as the protesters were not fans of Kid Rock to begin with, the effort had no effect on ticket sales for any of Kid Rock’s concerts back then, and this recent spout will likely have no effect at all either.

Kid Rock is known for his conservative views and very direct statements when it comes to people trying to bully him. The Confederate flag is something that has and will continue to be displayed at his concerts. NAN thug Sam Riddle, who is the political director for Al Sharpton’s extortion mafia, ignorantly stated back in 2015, “How in the hell can Kid Rock represent Detroit and wave that flag just generating millions and millions in ticket sales – a flag that represents genocide to most of Detroit?”

Looking back, the NAACP even presented Kid Rock with an award for promoting the city of Detroit, an interesting fact that the mainstream media is now leaving out when covering the controversial singer. Adam Howard from reported back in July of 2015, “This is not the first time Rock’s position on the stars and bars has provoked conflict. In 2011, when the NAACP gave the “Cowboy” singer an award for his work promoting the city of Detroit, the move was protested because of his embrace of the Confederate flag. “I’ve never flown that flag with any hate in my heart,” he said at the time. “Not one ounce.” In addition, Kid Rock also has a bi-racial son, who he has sole custody of, and wrote about his experiences with the child’s mother in a song entitled, “Black Chick, White Guy”.

Al Sharpton, the National Action Network, ANTIFA, and Black Lives Matter, all fit in the same categories of racists and bigots. They think they can strong arm someone like Kid Rock into doing their bidding and getting him to acquiesce to their outrageous demands.

Kid Rock has recently hinted at a run for the United States Senate leaving many Democrats and Republicans scratching their heads trying to figure out how a controversial and conservative performer like Kid Rock could be a serious contender for a U.S. Senate seat. The answer is simple, and yet it evades the political elite and the mainstream media. People want a real person representing them who has their best interests in mind and is not afraid of the truth. Truth is something the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, and liberal snowflakes have an issue with. Kid Rock, like Donald Trump, is not concerned with the opinions of the political elite. Rather, both of these men are only interested in how to make America great again.

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