ALERT: Berkeley Mayor Issues SICK Order To Police So Conservatives Will Be HORRIFICALLY Injured

ANTIFA’s actions are dangerous and an immediate threat to the security and liberties of America and it must be stopped. If you don’t know what ANTIFA is here is a brief rundown.  “Antifa” is made up of self-described anarchists, a group of radical left-wing thugs who employ violence and intimidation to advance their beliefs.

They’ve shown up previously at Berkeley to shut down a “free speech” event hosted by provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, leaving damaged property, fires, and assault victims in their wake. They also violently disrupted a “March 4 Trump” event in March. But you aren’t hearing as much about Antifa violence as you are about the Alt-Right.

In fact, some outlets are offering outright praise for Antifa. For instance, Esquire magazine praises ANTIFA as “noble, anti-racist counter-demonstrators— a sort of Justice League vigilante group dedicated to shutting down fascist protests.”

But make no mistake, ANTIFA is dangerous and are by no means the answer to today’s problems, in fact, they are they very cause along with other hate groups like BLM. Unfortunately, it looks like ANTIFA has allies in high places and unfortunately peace loving Americans are paying the price.

The police were told to stand down at the Berkeley riots by officials at Berkeley at the request of the Mayor. Essentially, these rioters were given free reign to attack and loot to their heart’s content.

According to the Gateway Pundit:  

Even women were beaten with poles during the rioting by leftists.

Dozens of conservatives were beaten with poles, pepper-sprayed, cold-cocked, pummeled by leftist terrorists this year in Berkeley, California.

The far left mayor — who supports the Antifa terrorists — told local police to stand down against violence that was not immediately life threatening.

** This police stand down was captured on video.

Dozens of men, women, and children were injured by far left thugs.

The Conservative Review reports, The “Battle of Berkeley,” as some are calling it, was a dangerous, violent, bloody mess. Instigators, Antifa and Alt-Right, should be roundly condemned.

But at the moment, the American people are only getting one side of the story from the mainstream media. The majority of the MSM’s intense focus is applied to white nationalist groups, while Antifa is being cast in a heroic role opposed to the Alt-Right’s violence.

The mainstream media wax poetic on the dangers of the nationalist populist Alt-Right. They ought to be wary of normalizing Antifa’s brand of radical Alt-Left violence.

It seems to always be the case that only one side of the story is ever being reported on. But that is why alternative news is around, so we can dig for the truth and give you the whole story. If it turns out to be true that rioters were allowed to loot than it just gives these thugs more reason to cause violence.

ANTIFA is exactly what they claim to be fighting against but are too brainwashed to know it. There is no room for this behavior in America and if ANTIFA really wants to start a fight, I’m sure there are plenty of freedom loving Americans ready to face them.

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