ALERT: Muslim Migrants Building Deep Traps With Metal Shards

It’s no secret that Europe is being overrun by Muslim migrants and the sad thing is European leaders are putting their citizens in danger thanks to political correctness. The continent is plunging into chaos, and it will only get worse until the people fight back. Now Muslim migrants are using a new technique in their fight to spread Sharia Law across the land, and France is feeling the brunt of these actions.

There are horror stories by soldiers especially during Vietnam of the Vietcong booby- trapping their land. A popular method was digging pits lined with sharpened sticks at the bottom and covering the pits with brush to disguise the trap. The soldiers would come across these traps and plunge to their deaths in horrifying fashion. Well, there are now reports that Muslim migrants are using this technique to trap unsuspecting police and citizens across the land. This information came through one of its French readers named Alexandre, who claimed these actions were made in the French district of Trois Ponts in Roubaix.

The citizen claims that people have snapped photos proving that these actually existed and it is no exaggeration. The aim was to catch unsuspecting police officers who would be in pursuit of criminals; most of the time the criminals were Muslims. The citizens alerted police of the situation and sure enough, they weren’t lying.

According to Pamela Geller Muslim migrants in France are digging some kinds of “tiger traps” in order to catch police officers at night.

According to Conservative Daily Post:

Alexandre explained that authorities confirmed they spotted several pitfalls. Nevertheless, he also said no official information was provided, and no one has been arrested or investigated so far.

According to the Pew Research Center, France has the second largest Muslim population among European Union members, with 4.7 million people that correspond to 7.5 percent of the entire French population.

Crime rates in the country have increased, and several areas have become no-go zones by Muslim men, who are openly hostile to a “woman presence” in public. Given this terrible situation, French women launched a fight back last year to retake the streets in predominantly Islamic neighborhoods, which became entirely male dominated.

In Lyon, which is the second biggest city of France, several reports showed that women are now actively changing their dress in order to avoid being threatened or sexually assaulted by Muslim men.

In the matter of Islamic extremism, several investigations have shown that this is a terrible issue that France will keep suffering in the future, given the fact that young Muslims embrace these ideas.

Apparently, the pits even have sharp objects on the bottom and are perfectly covered up so no one can see them at night.

Recently, a study from the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) looking at the prevalence of radical ideology among high school students revealed that French Muslims are much more likely to hold fundamentalist religious views than other pupils and to tolerate different forms of violence.

This study involved more than 7,000 students, between the ages of 14 and 16, who were studying at four academies and 21 schools in France. Sociologists who conducted the survey stressed that the sample doesn’t represent the French youth as a whole.

The schools that were included in the study are located in poor areas with overrepresentation in the student body of pupils that are Muslims (which represents 25 percent), students with immigrant backgrounds (38 percent), and students from working class backgrounds (41 percent). The CNRS informed that 11 percent of respondents overall were identified with religious fundamentalism, which rises to 32 percent among Muslim students.

One of the sociologists who conducted the study noted a significant difference between the figure compared with 0.6 percent of non-Muslims and six percent of Christians identified by the research organization as religious extremists. Nevertheless, the sociologist added that two-thirds of Muslims do not adhere to these kinds of ideals.

On the topic of the Charlie Hebdo Islamic terrorist massacre which took place in Paris in 2015, 32 percent of respondents did not condemn these evil actions. Just under 25 percent of the young people questioned said they consider a certain type of violent behavior legitimate. This included confronting the police, taking violent actions for ideological reasons, or stealing a scooter.

The study revealed that a third of Muslim schoolchildren (which represents 33 percent) defended these actions, compared to 22 percent of students who declare themselves as irreligious and 20 percent of Christians.

Additionally, 44 percent of pupils who said they tolerate some forms of violence and classed as having fundamentalist religious views, told that it is totally acceptable to take up arms and fight for their religion. 70 percent of this group did not condemn the terrorist of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

How much more proof is needed for the naysayers to understand that Islam is not a religion of peace but of terror. There is no more room for understanding until we see some of the so-called moderate Muslims stand up and fight back. Until that time we have to assume they are all dangerous and mean us harm. The Koran states numerous times that they will be rewarded for jihad. It’s time to wake up people.

H/T Conservative Daily Post