Another Dead Body Just Turned Up 24 Hours Before Exposing HUGE DNC Scandal

If it isn’t clear how far Democrats are willing to go to ensure they stay in power than you aren’t paying attention. Over just the past year we have seen high ranking Democrats encouraging violence against Republicans, and in their exact words they are calling for “blood and death” in the streets and their zombie-like followers are more than happy to oblige. Just look at what happened a week ago with the attack by a bloodthirsty liberal who opened fire on the Republican congressional baseball team leaving numerous people injured including Steve Scalise who is still recovering from his critical injuries. As bad as all that seems, it’s nothing compared to how they treat one of their own who tries to expose them for what they truly are.

The body count continues to rise. Shaun Lucas was one of the unfortunate souls to find himself murdered after he was the attorney who served the DNC with a lawsuit last year that prove Debbie Wasserman Schultz worked with Hillary to rig the primary election against Bernie Sanders. After Lucas’ mysterious death another attorney by the name of Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. took up the case and had been working over the past few months on exposing Wasserman-Schultz’s fraud and visa case in Florida.

But just like Shaun Lucas and Seth Rich who died under mysterious circumstances after getting too close to Hillary and the DNC’s dirty secrets, Whisenant’s life has just come to an abrupt end. His body was just found washed up on a beach in Hollywood, Florida, and investigators have absolutely no explanation for how he wound up dead from trauma to the head. WPTV reported:

The body of a federal prosecutor has been found on a Florida beach with possible head trauma.

Hollywood police spokeswoman Miranda Grossman said Thursday that the body of 37-year-old Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. was found early Wednesday by a passerby on the city’s beach. She said detectives are trying to determine if the death was a homicide, suicide or something else.

Whisenant worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami in its major crimes unit. He had joined the office in January. Court records show he had been handling several visa and passport fraud cases.

Acting U.S. Attorney Benjamin G. Greenberg said in a statement that Whisenant was a “great lawyer and a wonderful colleague.” The office declined to comment on the investigation.

Democrats are a brutal group who has no issue destroying countless lives by whatever means necessary. Just look at Seth Rich’s murder last year. All signs point to a murder that was meant to silence Rich who was disgruntled after Hillary stole the election away from senile old Bernie Sanders. It was previously reported on Freedom Daily about the stunning revelations surrounding his death.

Following the grizzly murder of Seth Rich, very little leads have been made by detectives assigned to the case, and now we just learned the disturbing reason why. In a breaking report that’s just starting to make its rounds, Rod Wheeler, the lead detective who was hired by Seth Rich’s family to investigate the murder, told FOX 5 in DC that local police have been continuously stone-walling the investigation, while telling him to “stand down” on the Seth Rich murder investigation. Here’s a portion of his bombshell interview: