Anti-Trump Mob Ambushes and ASSAULTS Family Of Slain Medal-of-Honor Hero For 1 SICK Reason

Friday night was supposed to be the night of both mourning and celebration for the sister and wife of two American heroes that lost their lives to protect ours. The Veterans Inaugural Ball was honoring men and women who received the Medal Of Honor for their acts of heroism, and Ryan Manion, sister of Travis Manion, and Amy Looney, wife of Brendan Looney, attended the ball for their loved ones.

But the night of remembrance was quickly transformed into something traumatic for this family, after they were ambushed by several military-hating vermin.  Upon trying to enter the ball, both women were assaulted by the radical left mob that was gathered to block the entrance and “protest” Trump’s Inauguration.

One of the women who was attacked tearfully spoke out against the disturbing incident:

“….what happened to me and one of my best friends and co-worker, Amy Looney, under the false notion of ‘protesting’ showed an ugly side of America that needs to be known. On Friday, Amy and I were assaulted by angry ‘protesters’ outside the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel, where the American Legion hosted a tribute to Medal of Honor recipients at their Veterans Inaugural Ball. We were pushed by a man in a mask hiding his face, then told by 2 women that we ruined this country. They screamed this in our faces along as in the face of a little boy that could have been no older then 6. Our clothes were drawn on with permanent marker by other “protesters.” And we were called the most vile names I have ever heard as we entered and exited the venue.

She then went on to speak of her Navy Seal brother who had died protecting the very rights that these protesters take for granted in the name of “free speech.”

“What the individuals who assaulted us did not know is that I am the sister of Marine First Lt. Travis Manion, and Amy is the wife of Navy SEAL Lt. Brendan Looney, who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Travis was killed in 2007, and Brendan in 2010. We understand more than most how fortunate we are to live in a country where we can demonstrate and share our different beliefs. But my question for those who chose to take this route Friday is this: Are you truly accomplishing anything by inciting hate?”

“I am angry and I am scared. My brother and Amy’s husband gave their lives to protect the freedoms that we hold so dear.”

Travis Manion and Brendan Looney were roommates at the naval academy and became as close as brothers. One became a Marine stationed in Iraq, the other, a Navy Seal in Afghanistan. Both died in action years apart and were laid to rest side-by-side in Arlington’s National Cemetery.

The loss of these men was sad enough, but the fact that Americans acted this way towards those who already grieve the loss is sick and disturbing. I am ashamed that so many have taken to such horrid actions in the name of selfish hatred.

H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]