Army Vet DESTROYS Racist Chucklehead Juan Williams: ‘You are a worthless HACK!’

Dear Juan,

I recently read your diatribe on, where you blame President Trump for Kid Rock, (real name Rob Ritchie) for being a serious contender in the 2018 Senate race. You point out that Kid Rock has appeared in a sex tape and has referred to himself as “Pimp of the Nation.” In your distorted and narrow view, this somehow disqualifies Mr. Ritchie from serving as a United States Senator? I suppose you think it’s more acceptable for say someone like Anthony Wiener to send sexually explicit messages to underage girls? Going even further, maybe Mr. Ritchie should follow Senator McCain’s path and betray the United States of America and commit treason. Would Mr. Ritchie then be qualified to be a United States Senator? And please explain to me how Mr. Ritchie deciding to run for United States Senate is President Trump’s doing? You sound like every liberal out there looking to blame President Trump for everything, all the while not taking responsibility for your own actions.

This diatribe you wrote is the reason why a majority of Americans think you and the mainstream media are a bunch of worthless hacks. You refer to President Trump simply as a “reality TV star,” conveniently leaving out that President Trump is an accomplished businessman who has donated millions of dollars to various charities and has helped countless others in their time of need.

You then go on to cite President Trump’s low approval numbers. Information sourced from some of the same places that said he had no chance of beating Hillary Clinton, yet here we are, with President Trump in office, and Hillary Clinton considering to become a minister. God help us.

The fact that President Trump won the state of Michigan, the first Republican to do so since 1988 as you point out, should tell you something, but I suspect you are too obtuse to notice it. So what if years ago the President made a dirty comment about grabbing a woman by the vagina? You expect people to believe you and every other waste of space in Washington D.C. has never told a dirty joke? And here is a tip. When voters are worried about how to put food on the table, pay for their medical care, and make sure they don’t get shot by an illegal immigrant, the fact that a Presidential candidate made a crude remark is irrelevant, especially if that candidate has a real plan to fix the American economy. But perhaps you think someone like Hillary Clinton, a known criminal and traitor to the United States of America would be better suited to be President She also has a track record of intimidating the women that her husband Bill Clinton has allegedly sexually assaulted. And it’s a long list.

The reason why voters would consider voting for someone like Kid Rock is simple. They are tired of getting screwed over by the political establishment, and they want to vote for someone who they can identify with. Despite the fame and fortune Kid Rock has amassed, he lives a relatively simple life, and his love for America has never been called into question. Kid Rock and President Trump are the antithesis of what politicians in Washington D.C. are. Those that have lied their way to office like Senator Elizabeth Warren who lied about her Native American Heritage, and Congresswoman Maxine Waters who thinks Putin is invading Korea, represent everything Americans don’t deserve. I really would like to know what standards you have that qualifies someone to be a United States Senator? Please enlighten me.

When you write this piece of journalistic trash which is biased, misleading, and obtuse in nature, it serves only to demonstrate what is already known. That you, the mainstream media, and the liberal snowflakes in Washington D.C. are irrelevant and lack the capacity for an original thought. The elitist class in America, yourself included, somehow think that your word is scripture and people should blindly follow it. You need to wake up and smell the coffee pal. Americans are tired, and we are taking our country back.

There was a time that journalists in the mainstream media had integrity and standards. Now it is all about sensationalism and placing blame. You and the rest of your co-workers should be ashamed of what you have become.

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