Black Woman Plows Into Vegas Crowd Killing 1 Injuring 35

The media has been going on and on about the horrible attack carried out in Charlottesville, North Caroline, this past weekend. If you haven’t heard, James Alex Fields, Jr., who was allegedly part of a group of white supremacists smashed into a large crowd of protesters on the street in Charlottesville. While it was a terrible tragedy, the biased media has yet to report on an equally horrific attack that occurred in Las Vegas.

As a result of the senseless attack, one woman was left dead and several more were injured. The media jumped all over the incident like a pack of rabid dogs and were quick to blame President Trump. While it was a terrible tragedy and is worthy of being reported, the biased media has yet to report on an equally horrific attack that occurred in Las Vegas.

A black woman INTENTIONALLY drove her car into a crowded street on the strip in Las Vegas with her 3-year old toddler in the back seat.  Was this story widely reported on? Of course no,t because it doesn’t further the liberal media’s agenda. Talk about double standards!

In December 2015, Las Vegas police say a 24-year-old woman, with her 3-year-old toddler in the back seat, intentionally drove her vehicle into a crowded Las Vegas strip with the intention of running people over. Here’s the story MSNBC published that was written by the Associated Press. The AP doesn’t waste any time attempting to gain sympathy for the driver, and in only the third paragraph of the story, the AP wants to make it perfectly clear that the reader knows she may not be guilty of intentional homicide. They’re quick to quote the murderer’s defense lawyer who told them, “Just because she’s charged, doesn’t mean she’s guilty”

From the AP article:

A woman accused of intentionally plowing a car carrying her child through crowds of pedestrians on a Las Vegas Strip sidewalk is distraught and overwhelmed, her defense attorney said after she briefly appeared in court for the first time.

Lakeisha Nicole Holloway, 24, pursed her lips and blinked as she was led in shackles into a courtroom. She was not asked to enter a plea but nodded to acknowledge that she would remain in jail through the holidays while both sides investigate Sunday’s crash that killed an Arizona woman and injured dozens of others.

“This is sad and tragedy for everybody involved,” defense lawyer Joseph Abood said after the hearing, adding, “Just because she’s charged, doesn’t mean she’s guilty.”

A woman with her 3-year-old daughter in the car smashed into crowds of visitors on the Las Vegas Strip, then drove to a hotel and told a valet to call 911 after killing a woman from Arizona and injuring at least 35 others, including at least five Canadians, police said.

People jumped on the car and banged on its windows, but Lakeisha N. Holloway, 24, would not stop driving on the sidewalk, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo told reporters. The video appeared to show the crash in front of the Paris and Planet Hollywood casino-hotels was intentional, he said.

The 1996 Oldsmobile sedan was fully on the sidewalk twice Sunday night, including once when it traveled for 200 feet, police said. The child in the car was not hurt.

The 24-year-old told police told she was homeless and tired and denied using drugs or alcohol. Holloway also told police she had been unable to rest or sleep because security officers kept running her and her daughter and her car off casino properties.

The liberal media has spent days villainizing republicans and whites in particular. They immediately smelled blood in the water when the events unfolded in Charlottesville this weekend but had little to say about another equally horrific attack in Las Vegas. While this weekend’s attack was completely wrong and was strongly condemned by all. Shouldn’t the same be said of the Vegas attack?

Virginia Governor McAuliffe of said the death of Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old woman who died after a driver plowed his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, was an unpreventable attack.

“You can’t stop some crazy guy who came here from Ohio and used his car as a weapon,” McAuliffe said. “He is a terrorist.”

So if James Alex Fields, Jr.’s attack was considered terrorism, why wasn’t what Lakeisha Nicole Holloway did considered a terrorist attack? The Democrats are hypocrites plain and simple. They use one attack to further their agenda and say nothing about another attack that is similar in so many ways. It is truly disgusting.

H/T 100percentfedup, The Hill