BREAKING: DISGUSTING Email Surfaces Revealing The Sickening Promise Lynch Made To Protect Hillary ‘At All Costs’

There is no doubt in my mind that the FBI helped cover up Hillary Clinton’s crimes. We all know that the Clinton’s are criminals, but sadly, they get away with it. For years, the Clinton’s have been implicated in murders and fraud. Instead of these people being behind bars they are lauded as heroes. Well, their luck may be running out after what was recently discovered in an email.

You see, the FBI was able to obtain an email that shows who was protecting who. In an email that was obtained by a Russian hacker, former DOJ Loretta Lynch says she would do anything to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

 Hook. Line. Sinker.

Check out the damning video here.

From Right Scoop:

Of course, Comey wouldn’t reveal who sent the email and to whom it was sent. But it sounds like it was sent from someone who worked closely with Lynch, and sent to someone who was very worried about Clinton going down in flames, probably someone very close to Clinton.

At the end of the segment, Herridge pointed out that Comey suggested he was boxed in by Lynch and here is what she’s talking about:


I don’t think he’s just talking about the meeting Lynch had with Bill Clinton. It sounds like she boxed him in – in more ways that just that meeting. If that new email is any indication, she very likely coerced him directly, pushing him to play the ‘no intent’ defense for Clinton and her aides.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t obstruction a crime? Yep, I am right, obstruction is a crime, which means that Hillary Clinton should be in jail till the end of time. But, while it is obvious that Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey are guilty we are forgetting one person. Barack Obama is just as equally guilty as the rest of them all.

There is no doubt who gave all these treasonous jerks their marching orders. It is obvious that they all didn’t wake up one day and concoct this plan and leave Obama out of it. Obama was the puppet master of this entire drama and deserves to bear responsibility in it.

During this time, Obama was the leader of the free world. So, it stands to reason that when Obama made unethical and corrupt comments on a pending investigation, it stands to reason that Comey and Lynch would take those comments as commands.

It is painfully obvious that Obama influenced this entire investigation by making these comments publically. And, because of that, Obama should be charged as well. The only way we can end the corruption that is running rampant in our government is to send a clear message.

That message must be that when someone meddles in an investigation they will be charged. Just because these people hold office in the government does not make them above the law. I can only hope that President Trump will push for a thorough investigation into this and soon.

All of these treasonous asshats deserve to be behind bars for a very long time.

H/T [ Right Scoop ]