BREAKING: Hillary Is Panicking After John Podesta Has Been Called to TESTIFY!


The walls are closing in on the Democrat Party faster than the trash compactor closed in on Luke Skywalker and the gang on that harrowing escape from the Death Star. Remember last year when the DNC files were hacked and they refused to allow the FBI to investigate the hacks in order to save themselves from being exposed for the criminals they are? Well, it appears their crimes are catching up with them because the House Intelligence Committee has ordered John Podesta to appear in front of them for a special hearing. Podesta has no place to hide now and will finally be exposed for the bastard he is. They are finished!

John Podesta has just been ordered to appear before the House Intelligence Committee for an interview. This means he’s going to be put under oath and at the mercy of the Committee’s questions! (via The Washington Examiner)

One of the first questions I imagine the House Intelligence Committee is going to have for him is why he didn’t allow the FBI to investigate the DNC hacking.

There is just no good answer that doesn’t implicate him in a crime. And, because Podesta’s personal emails were leaked by Wikileaks the House Intelligence Committee could delve into that closet too.

They could ask him about Seth Rich. They could ask him what he meant by “making an example” of someone. They could grill him on what he knew about Clinton’s warmongering in Yemen.

Any answer to any of these questions is also going to implicate Hillary Clinton in their crimes. John Podesta has been so close to Hillary Clinton for so long.

I’m honestly surprised that the Clinton machine hasn’t labeled Podesta as a liability yet. Although, I suppose there is still time for a horrible accident to befall him before he testifies.

At first, I was a little troubled that the House decided this meeting with Podesta would occur in private. We all want to see him taken down publicly.

But, this may be a powerful strategic move, perhaps even being suggested by Trump himself. If the interview is private, I think Podesta is a lot more likely to make it in front of the committee alive.

Second, because the whole world knows Podesta had his hands on classified information, he could have used that as an excuse to avoid the committee’s questioning.

But, because the interview will be private, any excuse about a subject or document being classified will ring false. What information could he know that the committee members won’t?

This is the first step to bringing the Clinton’s and all of their cronies down. Did Hillary really think she could get away with murder forever? Everything catches back up with us over time and Hillary hoped she could win the Presidency and avoid all of this by sweeping it under the rug. She figured there would be no way Trump would win and expose her, but fortunately for us, she was dead wrong.

Spread this story around so everyone knows that the Democrats and Clinton’s days are numbered! Justice will be done!

H/T Angry Patriot Movement