BREAKING: Look What Country Knowingly Sold PASSPORTS To TERRORISTS! This Is REALLY Bad…

The left continues to argue that the temporary travel ban is racist against immigrants. However, they fail to see the bigger picture of what is going on around the world and how it affects us. Trump placing a hold on visa holders is for good reason and documents recently uncovered by a CNN reveal just how dire this hold truly is. It has been recently

It has been recently discovered that Venezuela has sold passports to people with terrorist ties. That’s right liberals, terrorists now have passports. Just in case you don’t see the correlation between passports being given to terrorists and the travel ban, let me clear that up for you. By giving passports to those with terrorist ties allows these potential threats to pass customs without any red flags.

The year long investigation involved reviewing thousands of documents, and conducting interviews in America, Spain, Venezuela and the United Kingdom. One confidential intelligence document obtained by CNN links Venezuela’s new Vice President Tareck El Aissami to 173 Venezuelan passports and ID’s that were issued to individuals from the Middle East, including people connected to the terrorist group Hezbollah.

This is not the first time that this accusation has been heard either. In the early 2000’s records show that show the Venezuelan  President Hugo Chavez issuing passports to those with ties to terrorists.  This definitely makes you wonder how many of these fake passport holders are now inside our own country just waiting to attack us.

Watch the report here:

All I can say is that I am grateful that President Trump is now in charge and that this ban is in place. Hopefully, in time we will be able to weed through these potential threats and feel safe within our borders again.

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H/T [ Red State Watch ]