Car Full Of Liberal Beta Males Block Hurricane Rescue Efforts To Protest Trump, Get Wrecked Shortly After

As floodwaters continue to devastate Houston, Texas, and the surrounding area a group of Democrats have reached a new low. Rather than coming to Texas to help victims, a car full of Democrat Beta Males showed up with piñatas in the image of President Trump. Somehow these liberal snowflakes felt this would contribute to the flood victims.

Several Trump supporters were quick to fire back at the hipster beta male who showed up to block rescue efforts in order to protest Trump, tearing down the liberal who seconds before the picture was taken thought he was the world’s biggest badass. Here are a few of their hilarious comments:

“Nothing like putting 6 trump Piñatas in my primer black 66 vette convertible, me thinks and then dress like the retarded third blues brother, Morty and hit the local history breaking hurricane/rain killer storm full of death and destruction, then then protest the POTUS. I hope he got the sh!t beat out of him!”

“Aside from his obvious butthurt election-loser dipshittery, if that IS a ’66 vette and this sniveling little pajama-boy did THAT to it, well then he’s definitely the one who needs to be hung in the air and pummeled like a piñata!”

“Judging by the age of this sniveling, panty-wearing, purse-carrying libturd, that su-WEEEET ’66 ‘vette was probably his grandpa’s, who sold it to his dad, who GAVE it to this little punk … who then defiled it beyond recognition. Yep, I’ll stand in line for the pummeling.”

The man pictured above is the epitome of the entitled left, never letting a good tragedy go to waste. While officials are dealing with a flood area the size of Lake Michigan, this guy in the above picture, and other liberal protesters are upset because President Trump is visiting with flood victims and first responders. Perhaps they would be appeased if President Trump went to play golf, like President Obama did when Louisiana was affected by serious flooding in 2016. And if memory serves correctly, it was then candidate Trump and Mike Pence that showed up with supplies for flood victims before President Obama even bothered to acknowledge the events.

With the flood victims in Houston more concerned about their homes, pets, loved ones, and friends, most folks were not pleased with the antics of these Democratic protesters.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott couldn’t be happier with the response from the Trump Administration and has praised President Trump for getting Texans the support they need in an expedient manner. Still, this did not stop some Democratic protesters from telling President Trump to stay away from Texas, and they also criticized President Trump for wishing good luck to all the victims.

Texas Young Democrats even had the nerve to Tweet out, “We don’t need your luck, @realDonaldTrump. #StayAwayFromMyState. Fellow Twitter users thoroughly thrashed the Texas Young Democrats, with some pointing out the obvious, that people are dying; yet these snowflakes feel it is a good time to hold a political protest, rather than pass out bottles of water or food.

Making the situation more complicated, while these protesters carry on about how President Trump hurt their feelings, police officers have to take time out of their already busy and dangerous schedule to deal with these selfish individuals. Democrats and the loony-left always carry on about how tolerant they are and how they care about others and their feelings. However, when the rubber meets the road and people are dying, all these basement dwellers can do is protest President Trump and his administration.

Locals in the area, along with Houston police officers, have reported widespread looting with rescuers being shot at by gangs as the rescuers try to help people out of the flooded areas. Luckily this is Texas, and a majority of locals have taken up arms to protect local businesses from suffering at the hands of looters. Watching the various videos coming out of the mainstream media of rescue efforts, you will see white people rescuing black people, black people rescuing white people, and folks just coming together to help each other in a serious time of need. There is no discussion about race, fake oppression, or who someone voted for. A reporter from CNN even had the nerve to ask a flood survivor how she was doing after she was just recently rescued. The woman being interviewed by the CNN reporter went off on her, and rightfully so, in a profanity laced tirade. People are tired of the MSM playing politics with this tragedy in Houston, Texas, and the protests against President Trump only serve to solidify his re-election in 2020.

With each stupid move that the Democrats make, from Senator Bernie Sanders saying Trump came too early, to the MSM complaining about The First Lady’s shoes, and Democratic protesters showing up with Trump piñatas, more and more Trump supporters are created.

Even in a time of tragedy when people are suffering, dying, and losing everything they have, these out-of-touch Democrats would rather play politics than help people. This just confirms that the Democrats are not only racist, but they are selfish entitled brats who think only of themselves.

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