Chelsea Handler Gets Knocked The F*** By Her OWN FANS After Attacking Melania…and It’s Glorious


The left is always preaching that they are the party of love and tolerance. Let’s take a minute to have a good laugh over that. Since Donald Trump was elected and even prior to his inauguration liberals have constantly bullied the Trump family. The left really scrapped the bottom of the barrel when they went after Baron Trump, but their continued attacks on Melania are equally disgusting.

Chelsea Handler, a comedian has endlessly bullied the First Lady, which seems stranger since she was a leader in the Woman’s March. While I am still not exactly sure what the march was about I am sure bullying women who think differently was on the agenda. Handler, who screams that women should be treated with more respect has gone out of her way to berate Melania for being an immigrant.

Yes, you heard that right.

Handler was quoted as saying, ” She can barely speak English.” This is the same sentiment Ms. Handler has expressed since late last year when Melania spoke at Trump’s rallies.

Just for all the liberals who troll this site, Melania speaks five different languages fluently, just saying. Well, right after that comment people came out in droves to defend the FLOTUS, and it surprisingly it was not just conservatives.

I wonder if she is applying any ointment to this epic internet burn?

It seems rather hypocritical for the left to say they love immigrants and open borders, wouldn’t you say? This is why no one takes them seriously and won’t be until they realize how idiotic they sound. Their continued bellyaching has grated on everyone’s nerves long enough and it is about time they start changing their tune.

Hopefully, this will teach this hateful woman a lesson and she will apologize to Melania publically. However, I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.

H/T [ Yes I’m Right ]