CHILLING Info Surfaces About What Muslim IT Staffer Stole From Americans

The IT staffer, Imran Awan, who Debbie Wasserman Schultz employed for eight years along with twenty-four additional Democratic Congressmen, was arrested Tuesday by federal authorities as he attempted to flee to Pakistan. Since Imran Awan’s arrest, the details of how much he was paid, the crimes he is accused of committing, and the information he had access to is starting to demonstrate that the DNC hack and that of Hillary Clinton’s emails originated with Imran Awan.

When Imran Awan attempted to flee the United States, he wired a large sum of money prior to his travels, indicating there was no real intention on his part to return. While he was in the employ of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats, Imran Awan and his brothers were paid $4 million dollars over 8 years, and Awan himself had a salary of $165,000 per year as a part-time employee.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz attempted to recover seized computer equipment and went so far as to  threaten Capitol Police.  Reports are now starting to surface indicating that hard drives and other computer equipment were smashed in an attempt to cover up crimes.  This lends legitimacy to the argument that the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz have only themselves to blame for their servers and email being compromised. You can watch Debbie Wasserman Schultz threaten Capitol Police here.

Based on her language and demeanor, it seems she evidently has something to hide.

Representative Steven King, who was on Breitbart New’s Whatever It Takes With Curt Schilling stated, “They had access to the information on the multiple clients that they had, and that number is nearly a score, as I recall, they would have had access to all the information that came through all those computers in all those offices and access to…all the communications of the foreign affairs committee”.

The charge that Imran Awan was arrested on, conspiring to defraud Congressional Federal Credit Union, has opened up a hornet’s nest of consequences for many high ranking members in the DNC, some who may even be guilty of criminal offenses themselves. In addition to the bank fraud charge, Imran, and his two brothers, Abid and Jamal, are being investigated for accessing unauthorized computer equipment. During the time Imran Awan was in the employ of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, he was a person of interest in a case relating to House staffers stealing computer equipment. After news of this investigation was revealed back in February, most in the DNC ended their relationship with Imran Awan, however, Debbie Wasserman Schultz decided to keep him on board.

Aside from firing Imran Awan, the office of Debbie Wasserman Schultz has not made additional comments, however,  some news sources are reporting that Schultz is not dealing with this very well to the point she is barely able to physically function. Many in Washington D.C. are calling for Schultz to testify before Congress about her activities with Imran Awan, his brothers, and anything else she might know relating to this catastrophe.

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton is soon to release a book called What Happened, and it seems pretty clear what happened. Both the DNC and Hillary Clinton had their email and IT systems compromised through a series of poor decisions and possible criminal activity which resulted in thousands of emails being leaked. The FBI has not released specific details on what if any classified information was stolen, transmitted, or viewed by Imran Awan and his brothers but given that he had the gates to the kingdom, it is very likely he not only had access to classified material but that he used this information in a nefarious way.

Since Donald Trump’s election to President of the United States, the left and Democrats in Washington D.C have been stuck on this “Russia-Trump” collusion which simply did not take place. It now seems that the reason why the Democrats were so desperate to pin this on President Donald Trump and his administration was done in an effort to cover up their own negligence and possible criminal activity. The fallout which the DNC is suffering from this mess is already starting to alienate whatever supporters they had left after the 2016 Presidential election. As additional details continue to emerge, one thing is very clear, the DNC is not the party for the people, but it is the party for criminals and racists.

H/T [, The Gateway Pundit]