Cocky Illegal Has A SICK Message For Americans About What She’s Entitled To, Immediately Blows Up In Her Face

As we all know, words have meanings and once you start changing those meanings chaos ensues. Liberals love to change meanings in order to tug at the heartstrings of the bleeding hearts to influence policy. One word that has been successfully misconstrued is the word illegal, and at one time that word carried weight, but not anymore.

The left has sold the idea that people that enter this country illegally should not be called illegal. The argument is that this term hurts the illegals little feelings and strips them of their humanity. Oh, so sad! (sarcasm implied)

So now that we have that cleared up it makes perfect sense when these illegals scream they are not.

That is perfectly demonstrated in this article by the liberal rag Huffington Post. In this piece, it glorifies the illegal scholarship program called “Golden Door”, which helps illegals continue their education. But, it is what the author of this article has to say about being illegal will really burn you up.

To say I am illegal is to deny my humanity and reduce me to a criminal. To say we are illegal is to say our entire existence is defined by the laws of a country which thinks of us as numbers, not people. I am not a criminal ― we are not criminals ― because we are not illegal. It has taken us years to be able to come out of the shadows, but today we are unafraid. We are unapologetic. We are undocumented.”

Oh, I am sorry Leslie Arreaza that the term illegal offends you, but guess what? You are an illegal alien.

These people have the opportunity to become actual U.S. citizens but choose to be criminals. My family and many others came to America and followed the proper channels to became a citizen and then assimilated into the culture. These illegal people want to come to America and change our countries fabric to their home country.

This is exactly why Trump is taking such a hard stance on illegal immigration. They are cocky about their crime and show absolutely no remorse. Well, now that she has shown her face hopefully she will receive a ticket back to where she came from.

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