Disgusting Refugee Mutilates Baby Of Host Family…But That’s Not Even The Worse Part

At what point do citizens of civilized countries stand up and say that they have had enough? Recently in Ireland, Muslims have decided that it was necessary to perform genital mutilation on a little girl. This child was under the age of five and lived in a home that graciously took in a “refugee.”

Via The Angry Patriot Movement:

From the looks of this horrifying story, Muslim men feel less sympathy for infants than the average American would feel smashing a spider. In Dublin, Ireland, a Muslim man was arrested and questioned with regards to the genital mutilation of a young girl. He is a Somalian refugee, and he was arrested at an apartment where a mother was living with two girls, both of whom were younger than five, via Mirror.

This is believed to be the first of this type of case in Ireland, but it has grown increasingly across Europe given the wide influx of refugees. The victimized girl is believed to be two years old, and she received care for her injuries at a hospital when the crime was discovered. This ghastly butchery is not legal in Ireland, and the man has undergone questioning for the attack on the girl.

Female genital mutilation, also known as “female circumcision,” is a practice more commonly found in African countries with higher Muslim populations. This practice has no benefit for the female’s health — in fact, it often causes many problems for young girls with excessive bleeding and results in future health issues. FGM can also cause a lot of complications for pregnancies down the road, even to the point of infant or maternal death.

Even infection is a major concern medical professionals have when a female genital mutilation case has been discovered and left untreated. In Ireland, the sentence for such a crime is a fine of up to €10,000 or imprisonment for up to 14 years.

How many more times do these refugees have to maim, rape, dismember, or generally destroy our people and our countries before civilized human beings usher in the new crusades? This type of violation is not limited to one or two countries, mind you, but instead is running rampant through EVERY country that they are being pushed into by self-serving governments with the support of ignorant and radical liberals! It has to end and fast!

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H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]