Feds Raid Boston Muslims’ Home, Make Sick Discovery They Were Hiding For Months

Once again we have to report on another case of fraud committed by Muslims that were given every ability to come to our country and start businesses like legit citizens, but chose instead to defraud our system and steal our money. Shocker! There are many instances where refugees and other immigrant Muslims have readily admitted that they only come here to use and abuse our financial systems for their own greed, so we should be shutting down their abilities to run businesses here.

Are we? Nope, they still get a certain amount of money to start businesses that even natural-born citizens can’t have any access to. It is a ridiculous snake eating it’s own tail scenario!

According to Creeping Sharia :
BOSTON – A Hopkinton man was sentenced today in federal court in Boston for evading federal income taxes and defrauding the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of millions of dollars in connection with the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
Raza Ali, 56, of Hopkinton, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge William G. Young to a year and a day in prison and two years of supervised release. Ali was also ordered to pay a fine of $30,000; restitution to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the amount of $28,072,946; and forfeit all property involved in the offense, including a warehouse-full of tobacco products and over $160,000 seized during the investigation. In May 2016, Ali pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to commit wire fraud and launder money and one count of making a false statement on a federal income tax return. In December 2015, Ali was arrested and charged with co-conspirators Kaleem Ahmad and Muhammad Saleem Iqbal.
Ali, Iqbal and Ahmad operated a wholesale business under the names “Pick N Dip” and, later, “MSI Distributors” in Norwood, Mass., that sold tobacco products, including cigars, smoking tobacco and smokeless tobacco (such as snuff and chewing tobacco), to convenience stores, gas stations and other retail businesses.
Wholesalers of smokeless tobacco are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and must file an excise tax form monthly and pay excise tax on smokeless tobacco brought into and sold in Massachusetts. Cigar and smoking tobacco wholesalers must file an excise tax form quarterly and pay excise tax on cigars and smoking tobacco brought into and sold in Massachusetts.
In order to evade tobacco taxes, the defendants repeatedly purchased tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars at a time of smoking tobacco, smokeless tobacco and cigars in Pennsylvania, where no taxes are imposed on these products. They then covertly transported the products to Massachusetts for resale without filing the reports required by state and federal law and without paying excise taxes.
Ali, Iqbal and Ahmad accepted payments for the tobacco products primarily in cash. They made and directed multiple bank deposits of cash from the business in amounts less than $10,000 to create the false appearance that the total amount being deposited fell below the amount they knew that banks were required to report to the U.S. Treasury Department. They then repeatedly transported cash in excess of $50,000 at a time generated by the sale of untaxed cigars, smoking tobacco and smokeless tobacco products in Massachusetts to Pennsylvania, where the money was used to purchase additional untaxed tobacco products.
Ahmad was sentenced to two years in prison and Iqbal was sentenced to 42 months in prison.
Will Ali be able to pay the $28M restitution? How much money did he get out of the country?
I can guarantee that the United States will never see a penny of restitution from this batch of criminals any more than we have from the other couple of hundred caught in the last year or so. Liberals will be protesting these arrests as some kind of SJW agenda.
I am personally sick of seeing these cases on almost a daily basis. We wonder why our debt as a whole is so high? Well, here you go. It is millions being stolen by foreigners! At least they are finally being caught and charged for these crimes. I am sure this has been going on for many years, but our agencies weren’t allowed to do their actual jobs until recently. Lets hope they continue to ferret out these crooks and get them out of our pockets!


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