Hillary’s Dems In Hiding After VILE Thing They’re Caught Doing On Anniversary Of Seth Rich’s Death

It has been one year since the mysterious death of DNC staffer Seth Conrad Rich, and still, there is no one behind bars. In case you are not familiar with the Seth Rich story, here is a brief rundown of the events that occurred a year ago.

Seth Rich was a disgruntled DNC staffer who was a HUGE supporter of Bernie Sanders. It is reported that Rich was extremely upset when he witnessed Hillary Clinton steal the nomination from Sanders, which is why many people who were close to Rich believe he was responsible for leaking 44,000 DNC emails WikiLeaks that depicted DNC corruption.

Then on July 10, 2016, Seth Rich was murdered in Washington D.C. in what the police called a robbery gone wrong. However, what was strange about that theory is that the killer left behind Rich’s wallet, phone, and watch.

The mainstream media has been pushing that Seth Rich’s murder was the result of a robbery gone bad. Though that does not makes sense considering that Rich’s wallet, watch, and cell phone was still found on his person. Even Seth Rich’s own father did not buy the robbery story and said so shortly after his death.

“If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life.”
So, it comes as no surprise that people would hold a vigil in Seth Rich’s honor. However, leave to the sick and twisted Democrats to openly mock the attendees of the somber vigil.
According to WND:

During Monday’s vigil, some DNC employees peered out the windows of their headquarters building. As other Democrats left their workplace, vigil attendees asked questions about Rich. But none would talk about their late colleague.

DNC staffers stare out the window as people attend Seth Rich’s anniversary vigil below.

Two DNC staffers standing outside the building became defensive and accused the protesters of making Rich’s death “political” and “picking alternative facts.”

As their workday ended, some women who work for the DNC snickered as they passed the vigil. One man said, “You guys are pathetic.” Most DNC employees ignored the crowd’s questions, and several put headphones on as they moved quickly to evade cameras.

Vigil attendees march demanding answers to Seth Rich’s mysterious death.

The Gateway Pundit also reported that a journalist from Liberty Columnist actually witnessed Democrats snickering and laughing at people who were asking questions about Seth Rich’s murder. DNC staffers were seen peering through the windows smiling and laughing as the reporters and concerned citizens gathered outside for Seth Rich’s vigil.

This just proves how vile and disgusting these people are, and that is not about to change anytime soon. You would think that these DNC workers would desire an investigation into finding out who killed their co-worker, but I am sure they already know.

 A group called Profiling Project which is made up of various George Washington University forensic psychology graduate students has released an executive summary of its initial findings, among which they claim Rich’s June 10, 2016, death “does not appear to be a robbery gone bad.” The group actually concluded that Seth Rich’s death was “by a hired killer or a serial murderer”.

To be honest, this exactly why the media and these staffers are trying to keep this entire case under wraps. They know that what happened to Seth Rich was a murder in order to silence the opposition. Hillary Clinton and her treasonous crew know that it is only a matter of time before they are discovered for the murder they did. I ask you to please share this story so that more people are aware of what happened on Seth Rich’s vigil and how important it is that his killers are brought to justice.

H/T [ WND ]