HOLY SH*T! Piers Morgan Backs Trump On Ban, Then Offers Liberals HILARIOUS Solution On Where To Store Refugees

I am not sure about you, but I have not been a fan of the blowhard Piers Morgan for a long time. Ever since he attacked our right to bear arms he has been on my list of people to despise. However, Morgan surprised me when he threw his support behind Donald Trump for president. Of course, the left lost their minds with his revelation and has been fighting off attacks since.

Morgan’s latest sparring battle has been with the author of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling. Rowling who has been a long-time liberal, vocal supporter of Clinton and lover of refugees, just won’t let up and now an epic Twitter feud has erupted between the two.

So, now that we are all caught up on the back story here is what transpired.

After this last tweet, others jumped in to blast the bleeding heart liberal, and it is hysterical. As you can see, Rowling cares deeply for all of these refugees. Is it deep enough to house them in one of her mansions? That is the REAL question.

Look, how many people want to pitch in and help too!

And, the tweets just keep coming in, and what is ironic about it all is that Rowling then becomes incredibly quiet. What happened to her generosity and tolerant spirit?

This is typical behavior of liberals. They are astoundingly hypocritical and are ore than happy to spend taxpayer money. If Rowling and other celebrities truly practiced what they preached they would offer their own resources. Though that is not how it works for them. They are busy sitting in their ivory towers telling others what to do knowing full well it won’t affect them.

So, if Rowling really wants to appear credible maybe she should tear her mansion walls down and pitch in. However, I won’t be holding my breath on that one, and neither should any of us.

What do you think of Rowling’s hypocritical stance? Sound off below!

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