As ICE Raids Begin Across America, Parents Disturbed At Item Their Children Are Bringing Home From School

This past weekend proved to be successful for President Donald Trump in his attempt to capture and arrest illegal immigrants. Fox news reported that 161 people were arrested in raids and 75 percent had prior felony convictions. How is that for all the bleeding heart leftist liberals that think Trump is just a big meanie. (Please insert my sarcastic voice there.) Of course in true liberal fashion, the progressive left have been kicking and screaming over the President’s policy and are working overtime to try and dismantle any progress being made to uphold our immigration laws.

The San Antonio Express is reporting that Educators in the Austin school district in Texas are providing information to students on what to do if immigration enforcement officials show up at their home or try to question them. (Facepalm!)

Check out the Texas Here to Stay Facebook page and this ridiculous image.

According to Statesman:

The labor group Education Austin provided its 3,000 members with various documents, including United We Dream flyers that detail “what to do if ICE comes to your door” — referring to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement — to hand out to students. Leaders of the group say they provided the information after hearing from teachers and parent support specialists who said they were fielding questions from students and families regarding their rights.

At least some students received the flyers this week at the International High School in East Austin, but it’s unclear how many teachers gave out the flyers, or whether they were provided during school hours.

“I see it as providing resources to families in need,” said Montserrat Garibay, vice president of Education Austin. “We sent it to the members so they can share it with their students. This is a crisis and families are scared. And when we have students in crisis, whether it’s a hurricane or other crisis, we give them information on what they can do.

This truly is not surprising. The left-wing groups behind the fliers insist there is no political motivation to their effort but is is very coincidental. These people will do whatever they can to try and thwart any attempt made by our current administration to uphold the law, and discredit Trump.

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