If Statutes Are ‘Racist’ Here’s 10 Other Things That Need To Be REMOVED From America Immediately

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter have been making it fashionable to remove Confederate statues and erase American history. Liberal politicians are glad to jump on the politically correct bandwagon and have these Confederate monuments removed. Militant liberals have even gone so far as to deface statues having nothing to do with the Confederacy, as is the case with a statue of Saint. Junipero Serra, which is placed in front of a Catholic Church in California. President Trump, during a news conference sarcastically suggested that monuments of our first President, George Washington, and founding father Thomas Jefferson be removed because they were both slave owners. Naturally, liberals reacted by taking President Trump seriously and demanding the removal of George Washington’s statues along with the Jefferson Memorial. In another brilliant display of liberal tolerance, a statue of Abraham Lincoln, the U.S. President who led the fight to free slaves, was burned on the south side of Chicago.

Since liberals, ANTIFA, and BLM are so motivated to remove things that resemble slavery; here is a list of other things they should have removed from the public eye.

Wallstreet in New York City, known as the financial capital of the world was the epicenter of the American slave trade from 1711 to 1762. Moving Wallstreet would be a great project for ANTIFA.

Then there is the city and state named New York. The famous state and city was named after the Duke of York, also known as Charles II. Charles II helped found something called the Royal African Company. This company made substantial profits in the slave trade for two centuries. This one is right up BLM’s alley.

The famous military installation Fort Bragg, home to Delta Force and the 82nd Airborne Division is named after Confederate General Braxton Bragg. So far the Pentagon has not changed the name of any military installations, and it seems unlikely that they will do so.

One of the largest banks around, JP Morgan Chase & Company at one time owned slaves. The bank accepted slaves as collateral for loans they made to plantation owners in the south. “The Wall Street heavyweight said parts of the business accepted thousands of slaves as collateral on loans made to plantation owners in the South in the early 19th century.”

Here is a good one sure to trigger liberal snowflakes. Georgetown University in 1838 sold 272 slaves to pay off debt the college had incurred. Georgetown University President Thomas F. Mulledy carried out the transaction at the time.

The famous suit and clothing maker Brooks Brothers, the oldest men’s clothing retail store, at one point sold slave clothing to plantation owners. So if you are a BLM or ANTIFA supporter and have a Brooks Brothers suit, you must get rid of it. However, with most ANTIFA members still living with their parents, I doubt they own a Brooks Brothers suit.

One of America’s largest insurance companies Aetna, sold insurance policies in the 1850’s to slave owners so that money could be recovered if the slaves died. Another large American insurance company, AIG, also insured slaves, and this was reported on in USA Today.

Another liberal indoctrination center, Brown University, is also connected to the American slave trade. Thirty of the governing members of the University’s board owned slaves. Perhaps the BLM can demand they pay reparations?

The list wouldn’t be complete if a high-profile monument were left out. The Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in Washington D.C. should be taken down as well. General Grant led the Union forces in the Civil War and is a former President. He owned one slave, a man by the name of William Jones, whom General Grant freed in 1859.

Looking at American history, there are many figures and organizations connected to the dark time of the African slave trade which was a focal point in the Civil War. However, if we are to placate to the ridiculous demands of liberals, there will be no monuments, insurance companies, or banks, because they were all engaged in the slave trade or were somehow benefiting from it. Yet, in Seattle, Washington, there is a statue of Lenin, the Russian dictator who was responsible for the deaths of millions. According to liberal logic, this is okay.

America is at a precipice with our history and monuments in danger of being erased forever, and younger generations not knowing about them. What is next on the militant left agenda–to erase American history? Perhaps they would like to burn the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence since several of the signers of these documents owned slaves.

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