INSANITY: TOP Dem Leads Charge To STRIP Military Of All Funding Leaving Us Sitting Ducks For ISIS

The liberal left has never made a secret or been shy about their hatred for the U.S. military. Examples such as failing VA Hospitals, Soldiers and Marines being forced to cut corners on aircraft repairs, or the lack of pay increases for the military are all sufficient examples.

Now Nancy Pelosi is suggesting the new budget proposed by Republicans and the Trump Administration causes violence. Her suggestion? To strip funding from the U.S. military, and use these funds for healthcare and education. Both important things to be funded, however, Nancy Pelosi seems to forget healthcare and education don’t mean much when our military can’t protect us here at home and abroad.

We are currently at war with ISIS and Al-Qaeda, North Korea is threatening to shoot nuclear weapons at the USA, and Iran is still the world’s largest sponsor of terror, hell bent on destroying the United States of America. Yet, Pelosi wants to strip funding from the military so we can have more unaffordable healthcare. Penny Starr from reported some of the comments Nancy Pelosi made about the proposed budget, “a terrible, terrible budget.” Pelosi said it would help rich people “at the expense of investments in the future of our children: their health, their education, and their well-being”.

Pelosi made these comments while attending a rally for the American Federation of Teachers and other leftists who seem to think the Affordable Care Act, which is really not that affordable, should remain in place. The AFT is a notoriously leftist organization whose  stated goal is to improve public education and help public school teachers. However, the AFT is just another teacher’s union with political motives and little interest in improving public education or holding teachers accountable for poor performance. Case in point, back in 2015 the AFT spent $37.6 million dollars on politicking and lobbying. This figure can be verified on Imagine all the school supplies and books which could have been used to help kids or, the funds could have been used to subsidize lunches for poor children. Yet the AFT and like minded leftist thinkers have no issue stripping funding from the military just to further their own Stalinist agenda to destroy America.

Pelosi went on to comment that the obstruction which the Democrats are creating for the Trump Administration, “honors the values of our Founders about a country committed to life, a healthier life; committed to liberty, economic and health liberty; to pursue happiness.” Interesting comments coming from a career politician committed to funding Planned Parenthood, an organization that is anti-life. Perhaps this is what the Democrats want, to have more death and destruction, and to use this as a political stool, from which they can use as an excuse to attempt to go after the Second Amendment, all the while removing the U.S. military’s ability to defend the citizenry.  It is easy for Nancy Pelosi and her minions to take the position of devaluing and defunding the U.S. military while they enjoy the benefits of armed security for themselves. The obstruction which the Democrats are causing all stems from Donald Trump being elected and their hatred for the democratic process. The Democrat’s agenda to destroy America starts with defunding the military, proceeds to their mission of attacking the 2nd Amendment, and then allowing a massive influx of un-vetted refugees into the U.S.A.

Nancy Pelosi is the same person who thinks President Bush is still in office, and thinks the best way to know what is in a bill is to sign it, and then read it. Yet organizations like the AFT cheer this woman on? For what? Our military must be prepared in every way to defend America, to exterminate ISIS, and to make sure North Korea doesn’t destroy the world. America’s enemies are praying that the Democrats get their way because they know this will help them with their goal of bringing death and destruction to Americans, just like the left wants to do. Take one look at a Democrat controlled inner-city like Detroit or Chicago as proof.  The leftist agenda has always been anti-American and anti-military with the end goal of creating a socialist state. Thankfully, there is the United States Constitution and President Trump to prevent the left and Nancy Pelosi to continue to destroy America.

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